Denton Vassell
With the likes of Kell Brook, Frankie Gavin and even Matthew Hatton stepping out of his brother’s shadow, the current batch of young British welterweights is something of a golden crop. Another fighter looking to add his name to that list is Denton Vassell, who is rising to prominence as a genuine star for the future.
Vassell is taking the latest step up in his career by facing another exciting prospect, Lee Purdy for the vacant Commonwealth welterweight title.
As an exciting fledgling talent you wouldn’t want to pile too much pressure on to Vassell’s shoulders, but comparisons that his style is reminiscent to a former legend are not unfounded. Indeed there is definitely something Mike Tyson-like about him. He has a short stocky stature for his weight class, boxes on the front foot and moves his head in the bullish fashion you used to see from “Iron Mike”.
The Manchester-born pugilist is undefeated in 14, has a ferocious punch and can switch-up his stances. No-one would relish taking on an all-round package like that. If he can add Tyson’s aggression then he will be an unstoppable force. read more 
Craig Watson v Badru Lusambya
The Vassell and Purdy fight was supposed to be a double-header with the Commonwealth light-middleweight title. However, something very strange has happened.
It was supposed to be Thomas McDonagh against Gary Woolcombe, but Woolcombe picked up a hand injury in training which he has failed to recover from. He was therefore hastily replaced by little-known Ugandan Badru Lusambya, which McDonagh didn’t fancy and so he has now been replaced by Craig Watson.
Alright it might not be the WBC title, but is this really the best the Commonwealth organisers could manage? What a shambles.
What’s McDonagh ducking Lusambya for anyway? Has he got that much to lose? He’s lucky he’s even getting a shot having lost his last two fights.
Watson isn’t even a light-middleweight, he’s a welterweight. He has got some calibre to be fair, having won the commonwealth belt at 140lbs, still it’s a big jump up the divisions.
Lusambya was over for a non-title fight against Lee Edwards. To be fair he has both an awesome nickname in “Mr Crush” and an wesome knockout record of 19 from 21 victories out of his 24 fights. However his only defeat came in one of his four appearances on British soil, against Scot Gary McMillan.
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