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European heavyweight champion Harrison to get a shot at David Haye’s WBA heavyweight belt,  in an all British showdown.

“My Left Hand would easily take out David Haye, you can’t just be a big puncher with no defence, we are destined to meet.” Audley Harrison

If we are to believe all we hear and read, then David Haye the WBA heavyweight champion, will give fellow British boxer, European heavyweight titlist, former friend and sparring partner, Audley Harrison a shot at his crown, in an all British world heavyweight affair later this year.
Apparently, negotiations between Haye and Klitschko have broken down! ‘how fickle can boxing sometimes be’ so Klitschko, 34, is now considering ­facing Russian Alexander Povetkin – the mandatory challenger for his IBF belt.

David Haye, had said numerous times that he wanted a fight with the Wladimir side of the family, even getting in his face at a shopping centre last year to provoke him into it, then last month Wladimir posted a ‘lets get it on’ video on YouTube, telling Haye to put up or shut up!

So where is the problem now? Money? we can bet our last Dollar that it has something to do with it, having said that, Alexander Povetkin being Klitschko’s  forced challenger by the IBF, looks like Klitschko doesn’t want to give up his belt to face Haye and will try and get Povetkin out of the road, before facing the Londoner in the unification fight that heavyweight boxing is gasping for!

David Haye vs Ismail Abdoul, EBU (European) Cr...
Britain’s WBA heavyweight champion, David Haye

We would all watch Haye against Harrison, but it certainly wouldn’t be box office viewing and the British fight fan’s would feel somewhat aggrieved if we are forced to dip in our pockets to watch it on PPV, boxing fan’s could well do without any more bumps and bruises like that.

It would be the biggest heavyweight fight in Britain, since Frank Bruno took on Lennox Lewis, but is it a fight the British public would take to? if the comments on the social networking sites are anything to go by, Haye vs Harrison is already a turn off for them. (see comments below)

Haye, 29, used to be a sparring ­partner of Harrison, who resurrected his career by ­winning the UK prizefighter tournament and then claiming the European title last month, in a dramatic 12th round knockout of Michael Sprott, and deserves credit in having to fight that battle with just his left arm, and although it was a bore up until the final round, Harrison shown again that he doesn’t give up, and will go out fighting, boxing fans have been tough on Harrison and he still has it all to prove.

There is no doubt that Harrison is getting a hard time from the fans, which is unfair ,and Harrison feels that there is a campaign being raised against him, and fans do not want to give him credit for how he finished the fight with Sprott, despite his one arm handicap.

“If my critics don’t want to give me credit for that victory (Sprott) then people can realise the campaign that is being waged against me, because that was of the highest order in terms of that shot, and in terms of pulling it out, when everything was against me” Harrison told SkySports. (see video below)

Haye and Harrison were once friends but have fallen out in recent years, Harrison claims Haye snubbed him from appearing on a Liverpool promotion that Haymaker had organised, at a time when Harrison needed his friends helping hand after his career coming off track with defeat to Belfast’s Martin Rogan.

Harrison is presently recovering from ­surgery on his shoulder injury picked up in the Sprott fight, but will be ready to fight again in September or October, when Haye is also looking to make the second defence of his WBA heavyweight title.

Recently Harrison had called Haye a false prophet and that when destiny finally doe’s bring them together there is only going to be one out-come

“When I lost to Martin Rogan in ­December 2008 I asked David to put me on his show and he didn’t even get back to me. That’s what I call a fair-weather friend because I have reached out to David many times, and I know in my heart of hearts if I fought David Haye I know the out-come, and I think in David’s heart of hearts, he know the out-come

“This would be great, IMO. If a Haye-Klitschko fight doesn’t happen.” Andrew

“This wud be %#..!!** :..^$## and pointless!!!!!!!!” Becci

“I agree with Becci ! Haye should not waste his time, Harrison isn’t in the same league, it would be a complete waste of time, Hayes should fight Adamek. ” Oli

“Theres no way Harrison would even get past round 1 against Haye.” Eden

“Big money maker, i will not pay or watch It, you have got to earn the right, not talk 4 the right !i will switch off 4 defo complete waste of time.” Allan

“HAHA.. what a joke this fight would be, id rather see Haye fight pat butcher than Audley.”

“Its not April 1st is it? Still if true wot an easy pay day for Mr Haye, wont last 2 rounds.” John

By Chris Maylett for British Boxers Website www.britishboxers.co.uk

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