A tribute video to a former British Heavyweight Champion Gary Mason who died tragically on the 6th 2011… by ukwingchunstudent
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Frank Bruno
“We are both south London lads and used to spend a lot of time together. Gary was probably a better boxer than me but I think I just had more determination. It is incredibly sad.”
Gary Norman TV presenter and producer
“If ever there was a gentle giant it was Gary, He had a job to do so he was serious in the ring, but out of it he was a big, lovable chap. I was in his corner for the Lennox Lewis fight and the man had heart. Real heart. Lewis was a proper class fighter but Gary matched him for effort that night.
“If Lewis hadn’t been around Gary would’ve been a European champion and would definitely have had a shot at a world title.”
Barry Hearn promoter
“Gary was in the first show I put on when I decided to get involved in boxing in 1987. He was in a fight with a Dutch heavyweight in Southend. Typically, Gary won in the second round with a knock out. I fell in love with doing it because I loved the excitement. He wasn’t the fittest fighter and he didn’t live the life of a monk but he could punch with both hands. He was a lovable guy and a character it is very sad.”
Dave Davies, Gary’s former sports agent
“I used to look after Gary towards the end of his career. He was a good lad and quite a character. He had a good sense of humour. He was always mixing up my wife and my secretary’s name. It was quite amusing especially as there was a 30 year difference between them. He had hundreds and hundreds of friends and he gave everyone his phone number – but it was my phone number so I was practically his social secretary as well. Knowing Gary he was probably on his bike trying to get fit after Christmas and for something like this to happen is just terrible. He was a lovable guy and will be greatly missed.”
Wayne Alexander
“I followed his career when I was a kid. I wanted to be a British champion like him. I was very sorry to hear what happened and I send my condolences to his friends and family.”
Christine J Lindsay – Gary’s Church warden
I have known Gary for seven years. I first met him at an Open Day we were holding in All Saints Church Carshalton.
My co-Churchwarden Andrew Langley and I were delighted when he came in for a chat and we realised who he was – a very private man visiting a church he had often passed and one in which he found friendship and tranquillity.
He soon became a very regular worshipper with us and he supported all our concerts, open days and other events.
By the time I met him he was rather a private man. He told me it was because when he was ‘famous’ he met lots of people through his boxing and he preferred to get to know people really well before letting them into his intimate and close world.
Whilst he was very happy to use his former boxing champion title to benefit charities, he tried to keep under the radar rather and preferred meeting a few people who became his very close friends. He was a Founder member of the famous Bunbury Cricket Club. www.bunburycricket.com He was a lovely man, larger than life in size and personality. A true Christian, a great believer in Karma, a writer of beautiful uplifting poetry. The poetry he used to write was often very deep and tailored to events in this life – If he knew that you were down for some reason he would send you a lovely poetic message to cheer you up!
Over the last five years I have been involved with him in Rhythmical Empowerment Group. Gary asked me to become involved as he needed some business help – he was very persuasive! I got him the domain name and set up a website for him to start his drumming workshops, the first of which was held in All Saints Church Carshalton when people from aged 5 to 80 years old took part! That was just the start!
www.rhythmical-empowerment-group.org Gary was convinced that we all had an inner rhythm and that drumming was good for the soul. The group was growing from strength to strength and Gary was really happy when it was agreed that 2012 was to be the Olympics in London. He knew this was an ideal time for him to move from local to national with this venture.
It allowed people from all walks of life and different cultures to try their hand at drumming and he was very keen for youngsters to use this as a way of keeping them off the streets and getting them into a useful activity. He was getting them trained as trainers for the activity funded by an Awards for All Grant.
I last saw Gary on Sunday evening 2nd January at the Epiphany Carol Service in All Saints Church Carshalton when he came to tell the choir how great they were!
He always encouraged me in the things I did in church and in the community. He was a source of inspiration and gave me a reason to push the boundaries of the church into the locality inviting in Christians and non-believers alike. He loved church so much.
I shall miss Gary greatly as he was a very good and true friend. A gentle man whose hug was overwhelming but very, very special. – Christine J Lindsay
source www.suttonguardian.co.uk
Former Grimsby boxing promoter Joe Frater
“I was proud to bring Gary to Grimsby. We were like brothers. I used to spend weekends with him in London. He was a terrific person. Nothing was too much trouble for him. His passing has really shaken up a lot of people.These things happen in life, unfortunately. I wish his family all the best at this difficult time.
Gary was a terrific entertainer. The boxing world will miss him.He always came to my shows. The fans had a terrific amount of love and respect for him.He was always welcomed with open arms.”
Neville Brown
“Still shook up with the news of Garry Mason, spent a little time with the man and there was always smiles around, I’m talking “belly cramps” kinda of laughter!!! the memories will live on… From one champ to another. R.I.P my friend from all of us fans and friends you have touched!!!”
Chris Maylett
Gary Mason was the first boxer I ever asked for an autograph! and I saw him at some shows when he was trying his hand at promoting in the 90’s. Gary made as much impact on people out of the ring has he did in it. With his endearing character, Hugh smile and warm heart. Gary the man, the boxers legacy and memory will never be forgotten. R.I.P.
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