30th May 2011

Breidis Prescott the only man to ever defeat Britain’s WBA light-welterweight world champion Amir Khan, has issued a statement designed to stoke the Khan fire and get a rematch with the Bolton man, he says he has already been offered!

Prescott (24-2, 19 KOs) knocked Khan out in 54 seconds of the first round, in September 2008 at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester. A setback Khan was soon to get over, before going on to beat Andre Kotelnik and claim his world title. But the name of Breidis Prescott will always hang over Khan, and until he faces his Nemesis and avenges that loss, a question mark will forever levitate over his future ring achievements.

Khans proposed July unification fight with WBC light-Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley had broken down, due to money wranglings or lack of em! And then negotiations for a match-up with the IBF Champion Zab Judah again fell through apparently for the same reason!

So big hitting Colombian, or Breidis “The Khanqueror” Prescott – he is now asking to be called! Has another part of his marketing plan and says that he was told by Khan, that after he had fought Bradley, he would be next in line. With with the Bradley fight now looking dead in the water, Prescott wants his world title chance now, hoping Khan will keep his promise and face him in a rematch.
Breidis Prescott’s Statement!
Amir has said over and over he would face Bradley first and then fight the rematch with me. So… the fight with Bradley fell through. Guess who’s supposed to be next? ME!” shouted Prescott. “There will be very little haggling over money. I will sign and we will fight again. Done. Let’s do it.”
Prescott points out the strange situation he is currently in: chasing Khan around trying to convince him to want to try and avenge his only defeat – the one that hangs over his head to this day in the minds of most fans.
I don’t get this guy. He’s supposed to be a champion. Ok. Act like it. I shouldn’t be calling you out. You should be banging down my door for this fight. Every time they tell Amir Khan’s story on television they always cut to me knocking him out and yet my phone never rings. Why is that, Amir? You’re supposedly a totally different fighter now, but apparently you’re still as scared as ever of me.”
Prescott was last seen in April scoring a dominating decision victory over Bayan Jargal on national television.
I have kept my end of your bargain, Amir. I was laying into you pretty good not long ago until you said publicly you’d fight me again right after Bradley. Don’t be afraid. The worst thing that can happen is you get some more sleep. Call me. Let’s do this.”– added Prescott.

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