Former fighter turned Boxing promoter Spencer Fearon sent out a video message to Yorkshire’s light-welterweight Curtis Woodhouse on behalf of his hardknocks boxing team. 
Whilst on holiday, Fearon wasn’t pulling any punches in his counter attack, after Woodhouse called his ‘Hard Knock boxing shows are ‘a sorry excuse for a promotion company and are Whack!

A war of words have been taking place recently between Darren Hamiltion, (8-1, 2Ko’s) who is the Southern Area light welterweight champion and promoted by Fearon, and the former professional football player turned boxer Curtis Woodhouse (15-2, 10KO’s) and things are getting hot outside the ring, as the pair are touted to soon meet in it!

Woodhouse had said his piece when he called out Hamilton in a message to Fearon adding that he is ready to fight Hamilton, but isn’t sure that his opponent wants it.

Curtis Woodhouse
“Spencer when are you gonna make this fight between me and Mr Hamilton? you cant run your mouth and call me out and then run off like a little girl, come on Spencer don’t just talk the talk let your man walk the walk!” said Woodhouse on Facebook.

“I’m ready to fight I’m not sure they really want it Hardc**k Promotions have proved that there sorry excuse for a promotion company, is like most of there fighters all hype no substance.

“China chin Hamilton is going to get iced Dave (Coldwell) will be in touch Spencer don’t you worry.” he added.

This out burst by Woodhouse promoted Fearon to respond with a YouTube video rant and hit back at Woodhouse for running off his mouth! The plot thickens…

“Because your running off your mouth so much I have to answer you, Ive got my game, my Hard Knocks game impertinence to say my shows are Whack! are you nuts! blasted Fearon.

“If Carlsberg made boxing shows they would be ‘Spencer Fearon’s Hard Knocks’ I had to ring Ciaran Baynes my business partner who’s all the way out in sunny Australia on the barbi, putting on a little bit of weight.

Darren Hamilton
“Ciaran told me to cool down, but your running off your mouth and Darren Hamilton right now isn’t on holiday, Darren Hamilton is in a gym right now training meticulously hard.

“We Don’t need to call out any names to tell you the honest truth. He never called out your name he said, ‘Curtis is never gonna bus, that’s his thing and to ‘bus’ means you ain’t going knowhere, he weren’t disrespecting he was just telling you like it is. You ain’t going anywhere! I’m not saying you ain’t going anywhere, he said you ain’t going knowhere.

“Keep it Hard Knocks, when on my return I will deal with you and Dave Coldwell, you are very ugly and short!” added Fearon. Having a dig at Woodhouse’s trainer as well.

Fearon has again reiterated on his Facebook page this week his determination to get this fight on and settle some scores, when he offered to stage a meeting between the two rivals on his next promotion in June, when he wrote…

‘Curtis Woodhouse Vs Darren Ammo Hamilton ten round old style war for the June 18th Hard Knocks if C*ntis Sh*thouse wants it.’

The swords are drawn, and if Hamilton v Woodhouse can be made, then a small hall classic could be in store this summer, this simmering rivalry promises to become a roaring blaze and somebody looks like getting Whacked in a Hard Knock battle to look forward to.

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