22nd February 2012

This video footage was shot by members of the
www.britishboxers.co.uk team who were attending the fight in Munich Germany last Saturday night.

The footage we shot, is here un-edited and show’s the build up to the Vitali Klitschko and Dereck Chisora, plus
ring entrances, ring introductions from Michael ‘Let’s get ready to
Rumble’ Buffer. Also includes the first round of the fight that Klitschko eventually won by
decision over twelve.

The video then takes us to the media press conference
attended by both teams and a certain Mr David Haye, who had flown in to
attend the fight and do some live analysis comentary work for British TV company BoxNation. –
But it seemed Haye had a plan, and was keen to get in the post fight
press conference, seeing it as a perfect PR move to get the ball
rolling on his mission to goad Vitali into the ring in June.

from our source in Germany, are that the fight between Vitali and Haye for this summer had already been
agreed, and maybe Haye gatecrashing the presser, would add fuel to fire
and get a potential fight build-up underway, before the worlds media in attendence at the post fight gavering.

But if there was a script of some kind,
(and I’m not sure there was) then Dereck Chisora had not read It. Bruised and battered, hungry and angry,
having just gone twelve hard rounds with Klitschko, he was not in any mood
for some more digs to his already dented ego, after Haye turned his vent on him.. – Haye mocked ‘Del Boy’ pointing out that he had lost his last three fights, and even got beat by
Tyson Fury. – Chisora’s blood visibly boiled and he was ready to do what
he know regrets. Chisora is now probably kicking himself that he just didn’t stay in
his seat.

What happened next, no one expected, Chisora rose from
his chair, took off his towelling night gown, and proceeded to walk over
to where Haye was stood. – Then all hell broke loose as both came to
blows, including Chisora’s coach Don Charles who went for Haye, and the
pair both landed heavy shots to each others heads.

It didn’t end there and you can see the rest for yourself on the video above exclusively filmed by www.britishboxers.co.uk

Our footage of the event has been shown around the world on all the major TV Channels including the ITV, BBC, SkySports, Aljazeera etc. – This video contains the full uncut video footage we captured on the night.

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