28th May 2012
Audley Harrison
The former Olympic Champion Audley Harrison won his comeback fight with a fourth round stoppage against Ali Adams last night, it took place in the Brentwood Centre in Essex.  Here is how the fight developed.

Audley Harrison came into the ring with a solemn reggae tune, which was calm and slow, his actions reflected this suiting his mood for redemption. Then Ali Adams just stole the show with his ring walk all brightly sparkled up in his suit, to the tune of the “Eye Of The Tiger” the crowds loved him and he had a great amount of support even as a new prospect.  All announcements were made, the corners were ready with their trainers.

In the first round Harrison held his defence high, he was measuring up his opponent well, he took a first few shots and defended them well, however Adams landed a right hand body shot  and was moving forwards, he delivered a few blows and the round was good with Audley Harrison who then jabbed his face.

The second round was also intense, with Harrison’s lengthy arms, Adams was moving back and moving his head in defence from side to side, they both threw punches, Harrison was calculating his moves then Adams punched and got him and the round ended.

The third round Adams gave Harrison some punches leading him to the ropes, Adams then missed and fell to the ropes, and both fighters were really getting into the swing of the fight.

The final round Adams tried to get his punches through and failed and Harrison amazingly punched with such great power and the round and the fight was stopped by the referee, whilst this was happening Adam’s corner threw in the towel.

Harrison told me how he felt after his win, “I felt good, it was an all right stoppage, he’s fair play as he took some big shots and in the end I was always looking for that counter  and I hit him clean with that counter, I was just taking my time to just finish off to jump to him.”

I also asked him about his comeback as he wanted that one comeback through that open door he said,” I’ve been out sixteen months I couldn’t get crazy in there, I was taking my time and not getting caught with anything stupid, just was trying to find my reflexes and my timing and obviously in the fourth round I found it and you see it was home time and I set him up and jumped on him when the count was over,  I’m happy to be back grateful for the opportunity and Audley moves on.”

So now new door’s will be opening for Audley Harrison and commiserations to Ali Adams and it was an excellent show that Stephen Goodwin put on last night in Brentwood Essex, Harrison went to the famous Sugarhut where local celebrities from TV programme “The Only Way Is Essex” hang out and had a good night there.

Post fight dressing room interview with Audley Harrison

The Fight filmed by someone from Ringside

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