6th September 2012

Tony “Bomber” Bellew faces his toughest match yet against
Edison Miranda at Alexandra Palace on Saturday. The 29-year-old will
earn the
International Light Heavyweight Title if he beats his Colombian

title sponsors of the London Calling show, caught up with Bellew at the
Rotunda ABC gym in Liverpool. Speaking ahead of his clash with Miranda,
the Liverpool
fighter said:
guy is exciting. He’s got great credentials and boasts a fantastic
knockout rate with 35 wins. I’m just looking forward to getting into the
ring and letting
my boxing do the talking.”
‘Bomber’, so called for his aggressive punching power, is also a huge
Everton fan and is a regular fixture at the club’s Fincham Farm training
there twice a week. I feel very lucky and blessed to have the staff
that are available to me. I’ve got to thank Everton Football Club for
doing what they
do for me, because without them I’d definitely be missing something in
my game.”
“The future’s bright, the future’s Everton and the future is in my two fists.”
Tony Bellew will be fighting Edison Miranda at Betfair London Calling this Saturday 8th September at Alexandra Palace in North London. Betfair are offering
fans the chance to win ringside tickets for revealing their winning pose. Go to

http://bit.ly/RKakob for more details.
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