2nd November 2012

Frankie Gavin
his 13 fights previously and I’m guessing for the rest of his career,
Frankie Gavin will not come across a more awkward and frustrating
fighter in Junior Witter.
Tonight at the famous York Hall Bethnal Green,
Birmingham’s Gavin ground out a 12 round unanimous decision over the
former WBC lightwelterweight champion.

They say styles make fights??. Well this fight will not be on
any highlight reel although in Gavin’s case it was more important to
get the win, rather than look good. In fact as John Rawling mentioned on
the Boxnation televised show,” Does anybody look good vs Junior
The first 3-4 rounds were fought at a very slow pace with
little or nothing landing of quality. These rounds could have went
either way although on my card i had Gavin winning 3 of the first 4
rounds due to the right hook landing once in a while. Round 5 started
with a double straight left from southpaw Gavin. Witter responded with
his own straight left. Was it finally heating up? NO it wasn’t as Gavin
began to push the 38 year old Witter back but again nothing of note was
really landing.
From the 7th round onwards it was all Gavin who continually
pushed Witter back lunging in with crude body shots followed by the odd
right hook. By this time Witter started clowning about probably knowing
the fight wasn’t going the way he wanted. This prompted Referee Marcus
McDonnell to deduct a point in the 10th as Witter stopped the action on
numerous occasions.
In possibly the last round of his career Witter danced,
switched his feet constantly and basically began messing Gavin about.
For some strange reason it worked as Gavin didn’t land any effective
punches. Witter won the round as he was able to land his jab, something
that he was unable to do for the previous 11 rounds.
After 12 rounds that many would rather forget, Frankie Gavin
was proclaimed the champion by the 3 judges. Gavin will now hope to more
active and at 27 must be hitting the peak years in his career. Witter
must now retire. I cant see many younger guys wanting to fight him due
to his style.
Witter has done himself proud though winning the WBC 140lb
Title along with the British, European and Commonwealth straps at 140.
Add another British title at 147 and you can see that Witter has had a
more than decent career.

Fightscorecollector’s Scorecard

Round 1…. 10-9 Witter
Round 2…. 9-10 Gavin
Round 3…. 9-10 Gavin
Round 4…. 9-10 Gavin
Round 5…. 9-10 Gavin
Round 6…. 10-10 Draw
Round 7…. 9-10 Gavin
Round 8…. 9-10 Gavin
Round 9…. 9-10 Gavin
Round 10.. 9-10 Gavin……………….Witter Deducted 1 point in this round
Round 11.. 9-10 Gavin
Round 12.. 10-9 Witter


Judges Scores:
Ian John Lewis – 119-109 Gavin
Mark Green – 117-112 Gavin
Dave Parris – 117-110 Gavin


Boxing Press and Fan Forums Scores

British Boxers – 117-110 Gavin

Steve Lillis (Boxnation) – 116-113 Gavin

FightGhost – 117-110 Gavin

Tommy Allan (BoxingAsylum) – 119-108 Gavin

Billy Ferguson (FighthypeUK) – 117-110 Gavin

John A McDonald (Thaboxingvoice) – 116-111 Gavin

Adam Abramowitz (SN Boxing) – 116-111 Gavin

Tom Gray (secondsout.com) – 115-112 Gavin

No Holds Barred – 116-111 Gavin

Kevin Mitchell (Guardian Newspaper) – 117-110 Gavin

Boxing Opinions – 117-112 Gavin

Phil D Jay (WorldBoxingNews.net) 116-110 Gavin

Boxingasylum Forum (all for Gavin) 119-109, 117-110, 118-109

Livefight Forum – 118-112 Gavin

Ringnews24 Forum (all for Gavin ) 116-112 x2

Doghouseboxing Forum – 116-111 Gavin

Boxrec Forum – 116-110 Gavin

Eastsideboxing Forum (all for Gavin) 115-112 x2, 116-111 x2, 118-110, 116-112, 118-109

Checkhookboxing Forum (all for Gavin) 117-110, 118-110

Saddoboxing Forum – 117-110 Gavin

Witter v Gavin Fight video

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