3rd November 2012

Ricky Hatton
Former world champion and the most popular British boxer of modern times Ricky Hatton makes his anticipated comeback in three weeks time at the MEN Arena in Manchester,  his spitual fighting home and the place of his career defining win over Kostya Tszyu in 2005.
On November 24th, Hatton will face former welterweight world champion Vyacheslav Senchenko and today ‘The Hitman’ spoke to his fans through his blog to tell them that he has a burning desire to compete at the highest level
again; adding he feels ‘Amazingly excited about his future and even better than he did for his pro debut in 1997.’

Ricky Hatton Blog
Three weeks to go and another week of intensive training passes,
and I’m feeling stronger, fitter and hungrier – and can’t wait. I’m winding down on training my young and gifted set of
fighters, and increasingly passing them on to the excellent Mike
Jackson, who’s been constantly at my side, and he has continued
training them whenever I’m on my own training schedule with Bob
Many have said I should have stopped training them already, but
it keeps me mentally focused (with the added responsibility of
being a visible ‘role model’) and I just love helping others fulfil
their potential.
There’s nothing better than feeling that I’m playing an active
part in the development of the likes of young Craig Lyon, and the
rising force that is Sergey Rabchenko.
From everything I’ve seen, they can both go on to be great
champions in their own right, should they both continue to develop
at this pace. I’m constantly letting them know that talent is where
it all starts, but without dedication and effort talent is easily
Nobody knows that better than I do.
We had some really good and quality media coverage this week;
starting with an in-depth interview with the challenging but always
excellent, Garry Richardson, on BBC Radio 5Live on Sunday
This was followed by strong pieces based on the interview in The
Mirror and The Times.
Boxing Monthly, Sport, The Daily Telegraph and FHM published
extensive articles which are well worth a read.
I have to say, I was a little surprised that FHM didn’t break with
tradition, and have me on their front cover, especially as my
tattoos are just a little more prominent than hers. I’m told I
might be missing something here!
Whilst all around me are really positive about my comeback, and
the fight with Vyacheslav Senchenko, I’ve been hearing a bit of
negative noise from some ‘doubters’; who just won’t believe that at
34, I can ever recover my former strength and skills.
At times this gets on my nerves, and gets me a little angry, but
I’m now channelling this to seriously motivate myself, and get
really fired up to prove them all wrong.
At long last, I’m no longer worrying about the recent dark and
difficult days; these are now thankfully behind me. It has been
useful and cathartic to talk about them in recent interviews, as it
has helped me to move on in an altogether more positive frame of
I’m not going to talk about this anymore, as I now need to just
focus on being the best that I can be on the night of November
24th and not let any of you down.
Amazingly I’m feeling as excited and even better than I did for
my pro debut so many years ago. It’s a fabulous and energising time
in my life. I really needed this adrenaline and positive ‘pressure’
to kick-start this burning desire to compete at the highest level
again, and for more and deeper reasons than just the glory of it
I had the huge privilege and pleasure of attending the Variety
Club’s Industry Awards in Manchester this week. I was pleasantly
surprised and deeply honoured to be presented with an award
alongside some great ‘local’ heroes that have achieved so much. I’m
very flattered and well chuffed.
Dan & Mat from Ad Hoc films have started filming their
feature film documentary on my comeback in an easy going,
professional and non-disruptive manner; so far, so good.
I’ve no idea how the story will turn out, and neither do they,
but I do feel that there might be lessons, both good and not so
good, that many can learn from.
Jen & I will need to get used to having them around, as they
will be filming my entire comeback, and I’m as sure as I can be,
that they will still be filming in two years.
I just wanted to end on a bit of a timely football note, as I’ll
be going to watch the Premier League Champions, Man City, play
Tottenham on November 11th and then back again in fight
week; I couldn’t possibly miss, what could well be the game of the
season, City versus Real Madrid at the Etihad Stadium.
In the week that everyone has been talking about 007’s return in
the all action ‘Skyfall’, I’m going to laser focus on my all action
return in ‘Blue Moon Rising’, opening on November 24th
at the Manchester Arena.
For more information on Ricky Hatton visit his website www.hattonboxing.com

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