tyson fury and the gypsy curse
In this interview we get the enjoyable and entertaining Tyson Fury; the young man who is clearly working hard, thinking about his future, and is learning to have fun with the media. Tyson admits to hating press conferences, “Being lucky” in every single one of his fights, having limited skills, being scared of Dereck Chisora, and to simply “being in it for the money”. He even attributes his wins to a mysterious Gypsy Curse. And if you believe any of it, I’ve got some magic beans I want to sell you.
Tyson talks candidly (does he know any other way?) about Wladimir Klitschko not wanting to spar him, Deontay Wilder being more deserving of a world title shot than himself, and says he is up for a fight with David Haye despite a fight between the pair already falling through twice before.
This video shows you the two sides of Tyson Fury – the man in demand, getting tired of the pressers and the pre-fight appearances. And the guy who is just the same old Tyson I’ve known for some time now; a real solid character, and a breath a fresh air to the corporate huff of modern boxing.

Interview Video with Tyson Fury

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