Sam Hyde - Cruiserweight prospect
Sam Hyde – Cruiserweight prospect
  1. Name: Sam Hyde
  2. Nickname: Nowhere2Hyde
  3. Record: W 4 D 1 L1
  4. Weight: Cruiserweight
  5. Born: Manchester
  6. DOB: 26.10.1993
  7. Where are you From/live? Manchester
  8. Favourite current boxer? Ruslan Provodnikov
  9. Favourite all time boxer? Aturo Gatti – Miguel Cotto
  10. Favourite all time fight? Gatti/Ward
  11. Why do you box? I love to fight
  12. How did you start boxing? Did other stuff as a kid, then mates was boxing so went along
  13. Who influenced you at the start? My friend
  14. What amateur clubs did you box for? Sale West then Irlam
  15. What do you recall of your amateur career? Good. 2 x Time National Champion. BoxCup Gold medal
  16. Why did you decide to turn pro? Suits my style and has done since I started
  17. How would you say your professional career has gone to date? Highs and Lows already. But learning massively.. I’ve experienced a lot already. Injuries/opponent changes/ venues
  18. What are you capable of achieving in boxing? Sky’s the limit
  19. Who are the people who will help you achieve your goals? My trainer Ensley Bingham (pic below), my manager Kevin Kinsella, and my whole team.
  20. What’s your training schedule? Which parts do you most and least enjoy? I love sparring
  21. Describe your style? What are your best qualities? Come forward pressure fighter but also can box at a high standard. I’m fast, and powerful, since young I’ve put people down in fights and sparring.
  22. What is your routine on fight night? Get tunes pumping and prepare for war.
  23. What ring walk music do you use? Depending on venue, but my song is Chase and status- heartbeat
  24. Do you like to take part or watch other sports? Not really anymore
  25. Who is the toughest opponent you have faced amateur or pro? David Allen, good friend now.
  26. Who is the best you have sparred with? Tony Bellew, Matty Askin
  27. What is the best venue you have boxed at, when? Phones4u Arena
  28. What three All British boxing matches would you most like to see made? Anthony Joshua vs David Price, Amir Khan vs Kell Brook Chris Eubank Jr vs Martin Murray
  29. If you could be at just one of the above fights which one would it be? Anthony Joshua vs David Price
  30. Which current British boxer do you feel can become a global star in the next few years? James Degale
  31. If you wasn’t a boxer what would you like to be? Rugby Player. Something in sport
  32. Family life and background? First in the Family to box
  33. Best friends in boxing? Gym bro’s. Jimmy Kelly jnr, Artif Ali, and the lads at Champs Camp
  34. When you are not boxing what do you do to relax? Chill with my mates and have a laugh
  35. Favourite Holiday destination? Not sure
  36. Favourite TV programs? Don’t watch TV
  37. Film? Django and Lone Survivor
  38. Music? anything
  39. Food? Caribbean food.
  40. Gadget?
  41. Website/App?
  42. Book? Don’t read
  43. Football team? Manchester United
  44. Something no one knows about you? They will be a reason for nobody knowing! Haha
  45. Motto? Life’s like a book, each and every page has a purpose
  46. When is your Next fight, where and who is it against? June 20th. Victoria Warehouse. Opponent TBA
  47. Is there anyone who you really, really would like to fight this year? Anybody! But this years about myself. The next few years will involve other names
  48. How can fans get in touch with you for tickets? My website. Or Twitter @SamHyde93 or FACEBOOK Sam Hyde
  49. Current Topic – Klitschko vs Fury? How do you see that fight going, who wins? It Would be closer than anybody thinks. Best man Wins

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