With experience you develop habits and strategies but habits and strategies can make you predictable. A beginner’s mind is open to more possibilities and makes it difficult to calculate what they will do. Hence, there is a serious chance a beginner might put a more experienced opponent off his game very easily.

Among the Welterweight roster that will compete with each other for the £16.000 final prize of Ultimate Boxxer, the new tournament format that will have its first instalment at Manchester Arena on April 27th, Kaisee Benjamin (3-0, 1 KO) is the contestant with less professional experience and he explained us how what could be perceived as his weakness is actually his greatest asset. It’s all about money and power for Kaisee, specifically how his power will get him the money he wants…

BritishBoxers: How did you get into boxing?

Kaisee Benjamin: I started following my step dad to the gym when I was 8 years old. Then, I discovered Mike Tyson and there was no turning back. I wanted to be like him ever since.

BB: What is your Amateur record and achievements?

KB: I won the Midlands area title twice, I was silver medallist at the Haringey Box Cup at middleweight and the Senior Novice champ in the Under 20s.

BB: What lead you to the professional game?

KB: Anybody who gives any answer but making money is a liar. Let’s not be hypocrites about it. But, this avenue for revenue came about because of the trust my trainers Soggy and Louie Counihan have in my ability. I want to repay that trust and make them proud.

BB: Is it safe to assume you don’t make a living out of it yet?

KB: It is safe to say, I’m a roofer and part time model.

BB: How did you end up in Ultimate Boxxer?

KB: The organizers actually picked me and contacted me through my manager. I have a reputation from the Amateurs for being a hard hitter and loving a tear up. I guess it fits with the format and what they are trying to achieve from an entertainment point of view.

BB: Among all the contenders, you are the one with the least pro experience. Do you feel at disadvantage?

KB: No, that is EXACTLY my advantage. I’m fresh from the Amateurs, so the 3 rounds format suits me. The only difference is that I don’t have to wear a vest and my opponent will not have a casket. Power is my main asset, so focus on the latter.

BB: Did you study your possible opponents’ records and styles?

KB: The only one who has my attention is the one I know the best, as we are stable mates. I expect to meet Drew Brown in the final, but we won’t be mates then.

BB: How do you think this tournament will impact your career if you win?

KB: I like to be realistic: I can see this taking me to Las Vegas!

BB: Is there room for anything else apart from boxing in your life?

KB: I’m actually a member of Mensa, which is the High I.Q. Society, and a junior chess champion. Also, I love night clubs.

ULTIMATE BOXXER I will take place at the Manchester Arena on April 27. Tickets are available from www.ultimateboxxer.com

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