As we prepare to embark on an incredibly exciting period of boxing, Tommy Dix has praised both Zelfa Barrett and Eric Donovan as they prepare to meet next month. 

Boxing stalwart Dix described the fight as a ‘fascinating one’ and despite picking Barrett to get the win, he emphasised that Donovan is ‘nobody’s pushover’. 

He told BBTV: “I honestly believe that Zelfa will win, but I’ll be quite honest with you and say that Eric Donovan was a top-class amateur – he fought some of the best in the world as an amateur, I know there’s a difference, but what I’m saying to you is Eric Donovan is nobody’s patsy, he’s an exceptionally good boxer.

“I do believe it’ll be a very good fight, it’s a fascinating fight. I think there will be some really good moves and beautiful boxing. I would say to any young amateur, make sure you watch and record that fight.” 

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Dix went onto praise the potential and character of Barrett, who he has watched progress through the ranks. 

“Sometimes you can go into a gym, you can see a lad that you have never seen box or never seen spar, but there’s something about him that clicks and if you looked at Zelfa, he doesn’t walk he glides. When you see people like that you know that they are born with something.

“There are certain things about Zelfa Barrett that you can’t teach, when you see him move in the gym, it’s unbelievable.”

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