Jamie McDonnell b

10 – Jamie McDonnell

Finally a title that won’t be whipped away like a magicians tablecloth. Jamie fought an incredibly awkward and energetic Thai fighter to win the vacant WBA Bantamweight title with a display of exactly how to box on the back foot and look classy. McDonnell is rangy, has ability, and is getting better and better as he ages.

Many suspect he’ll move up a division soon and that’s where things will start to get interesting….but not before trying to line up a fight with the winner of Butler/Hall. Not the most powerful of punchers, McDonnell’s talent lies in his shot selection and ringcraft, as well as with his excellent defence.


9 – George Groves

I know, I know, he’d be higher up the list if Froch hadn’t KO’d him in such a catastrophic manner. Now the butt of selfie pictures “doing the Groves”, George will have a little work to do to re-assure us his chin isn’t destroyed. But….George Groves can fight, he’s fast, athletic, uses awkward angles, and he will be back at world level again.

It took Carl Froch two attempts to put Groves away and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. George is a clever fighter and he’ll realise it too. “Everything for a reason”? Maybe.


8 – Dereck Chisora

Maybe I’m being overly kind to Del Boy by including him in the top ten at all, but the London slugger has earned his place by sheer will alone. I struggle to think of another Heavyweight who overturned 3 losses in a row in such a positive manner. The European champion is no pushover and is a real head-down, plod forward, old fashioned fighter who wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1940s.

With a fresh chance at a route to glory again if he gets past Tyson Fury, Dereck will be up for the fight and a real handful. Not the most skilled of fighters, but he’s a likable character and his heart is never in question. Easily the second best active UK Heavyweight right now – some would say the best. We’ll see in July.


7 – James DeGale

Team Chunky finally made it to the promised land. A crushing and totally dominant win over Brandon Gonzales has apparently set up a meeting with Carl Froch. If that’ll go ahead is anyone’s guess but without question DeGale has done himself no harm by beating Gonzales like a shop dummy on roller skates for 4 rounds seemingly at will.

DeGale is now shaking off the “nearly man” tag and it’s about time. Prospecting in the Super Middleweight division is tough going and politics may well play a bigger part in the next twelve months than James’ obvious talent and skills. Shame.

scott quigg6 – Scott Quigg

A world Champion. Unbeaten. Quigg has risen to the top and stayed there. Two draws mar his record, but he is some talent indeed and on quiet nights, when the wind is howling, Kiko Martinez and Guillermo Rigondeaux thank the gods they haven’t crossed swords with Scott yet.

A bout with Carl Frampton would be a great spectacle. Throw kid Galahad in there too and the UK Super Bantamweight division looks be manoeuvring for some tasty fights indeed.


5 – Carl Frampton

Exciting to watch, powerful, determined, and zooming up through the rankings like a rocket. Carl Frampton is one to watch over the next twelve months. In a UK division bursting at the seams with promise he is in the driving seat, and there is immense pressure for a bout with Scott Quigg or Kid Galahad.

Don’t take your eyes off Frampton for a second.


4 – Kell Brook

In another universe, where the world is fair and the right and moral ending is always the most successful, Kell Brook would have had a world title fight by now. The Sheffield man is undefeated in a weight range where talent isn’t exactly lacking. He is feared – with good reason – and Amir Khan is possibly the only person in the UK to be able to deal with a fit and focused Kell Brook.

Brook will finally be afforded the chance at the big time before the year is out – if only for boxing to keep it’s credibility. Don’t bet against him.

And that fight with Amir Khan will possibly be the best domestic fight we never see.

Tyson Fury boxing teamfury

3 – Tyson Fury

The undefeated Heavyweight is now pretty much a household name. Still just 25, it’s hard to believe he’s accomplished what he has at such a young age. With only Dereck Chisora as a close second to his domination of the UK division, any doubt will be silenced one way or another this July when they both meet at the Manchester MEN arena.

Tyson is a deceptively athletic Heavyweight and has one of the best jabs in the division. He is an unpredictable fighter who can box at distance as well as getting up close and personal. And he loves a tear up – which is a positive in a weight class ruled by a man who can’t stand to fight on the inside.

With the route seemingly clear to Wladimir Kltischko, only Chisora stands in the way of a good chance for Britain to have its first Heavyweight champion since David Haye got humiliated by Wladimir.

amir khan (2)

2 – Amir Khan

Another fighter with his own detractors club. Amir has been unfairly judged to have a glass jaw and it’s seen him crash into dark times – especially around the time of the Mayweather string-along last year. Despite all the nonsense attributed to Khan, he is a consummate talent and British boxing is better off with him around. Still only 27, it feels as though he’s been relevant forever.

Many thought his days were numbered when Danny Garcia found the sweet spot, but wins over Carlos Molina, and especially Luis Collazo, have risen Khan’s stock back to a level where he is once again knocking on the most gilded of doors.

Exciting to watch, and unstoppable when his tail is up (no pun intended), he is the one man Mayweather doesn’t want to have to face.

carl froch belts by l, lustig

1 – Carl Froch

Anyone can be a boxer, anyone can be a fit human being, some people can take a good punch, and others have limitless dedication. But it’s rare all those factors occur in one individual. Despite it being fashionable to whip on Carl Froch I’ll put my neck out and say that he is the top of the British P4P list right now.

That second, and irrefutable, win over George Groves last Saturday – against the crowd, the media, fate, and the karmic “everything for a reason” chant – cemented Froch as a Super Middleweight who will be remembered for many, many years after he hangs up his gloves. 13 straight world title fights didn’t come about through luck, neither did his victories over Mikkel Kessler, Arthur Abraham, or Lucian Bute….or George Groves, finally.

Not the most gifted of boxers in terms of handspeed, guile, or ringcraft, Froch nevertheless has a superhuman chin and is one of the toughest fighters to have come out of the UK in boxing history. He may well be approaching 37, but at Super Middleweight he’s untouchable in the UK and still, using his own cliche, a “Top, top, fighter”.

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