Submit Boxing Press Release, Article, interviews, so Only Press releases regarding British Boxing related subjects, will be accepted.

Be warned, there are several banning options we may take against those repeatedly breaching our rules – we will ban without warning if you repeatedly submit press releases which do not meet our standards: re-submitting sub-standard press releases wastes our moderators’ time.
Please do not email us asking why your press release has not appeared – if your release does not hit the site within 48 hours, you can be certain it has been deleted – check below and amend your press release accordingly before resubmitting.

Do Not Submit a Press Release which:

  1. Contains links to gambling related material, illegal activity or pornography;
  2. Is shorter than 150 words (this page is more, so there’s an example!);
  3. Doesn’t contain any form of contact information (unless it is in your author bio section);
  4. Makes unqualified claims;
  5. Isn’t boxing news;
  6. Is not a boxing press release;
  7. Does not contain any contact details;
  8. Promotes MLM (Multi Level Marketing) in any way, shape or form as a good business model.
  9. Not about British Boxing or important World boxing topics

Press Release Format

You should submit Boxing press and boxing news releases in standard press release format. Have a look at this boxing report press release, about an upcoming fight which was Amir Khan v Andreas Kotelnik that we published, to see what is acceptable, but here are some guidelines:
  1. Do Not copy straight from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs – these programs input their own formatting rules which conflict with those which work on websites. If using a form, submit in plain text, and the release should appear in the input box as you would want it to on the page (with line breaks for paragraphs etc).
  2. Use paragraphs!
  3. Be sure to add the excerpt – this is used for the “description” meta-tag (important for your press release’s search engine performance) and also in the short excerpt from our home page, tag pages, category pages and search results pages – in short, this is the text which will inspire a potential reader to read your press release. Some people try to avoid using it by placing some garbage text here: that is strongly advised against for the reasons detailed herein.
  4. Add your contact details in the box we provide.
  5. Images are used for thumbnails – add one whenever possible.
  6. Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar will ensure your press release is easier to read, and has more chance of being submitted quicker.
  7. Try to submit a unique release.
  8. Succinct titles containing keywords work best.
  9. Don’t overuse exclamation marks.
Occasionally, we will publish press releases which do not adhere to these rules entirely, but the decision whether or not to publish is ours. We may not contact you if we delete your submission, and submissions are regularly moderated: if your release is not online within 48 hours, your release has probably not been accepted – check the above and re-submit.
We have the technology to block users who repeatedly submit press releases that are not suitable for publication, so try to make alterations before resubmitting.
The very best releases will be featured in the flash box on the homepage – these are releases which are either extremely newsworthy, contain high quality image(s) and are perfectly formatted – usually, they will tick each of those boxes.
Lastly, we’re not here to make your life difficult, however, this site only works if we try to publish only quality releases. Submit quality releases, and will work hard for you – for free.

Submit a Release

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