British Boxers caught up with Brooklyn’s Paulie Malignaggi, who challenges Amir Khan on May 15th 2010 for the Bolton mans WBA light-welterweight title, in his New York home and the Mecca of boxing Madison Square Garden.

Malignaggi, 27 wins, 3 defeats, certainly has other ideas for Khan’s visit and title defense in The Big Apple, when he said “Khan will not like New York.”

“This fight is going to be in front of a crowd where when Amir gets punched in his mouth they’re going to love it,” the challenger said. “Madison Square Garden is pro-Malignaggi.

“This is New York City. This is my city. When Amir’s head is getting snapped back with blistering combinations the crowd is going to love it. That’s the first time in his career he is going to have to deal with that

The 2009-2010 Revival of Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi 
British Boxers asked Paulie how his preperation are going for the Khan fight?
“Training is going great, thank you. It’s getting closer to the dooms day, and it’s going to be a great fight. The fans will get a extra treat this time around.”

What does it mean to you, to be topping the bill at Madison Square Garden?

“This is what every fighter dreams about, fighting in front of their own city in front of 1000’s of fans. This is going to be exciting and explosive. New York will be behind me 100 percent. I can’t wait.”

Your view on Amir Khan?

“He’s a good fighter, I respect him for coming into my back yard but this is my night. This is were I’m going to shine my brightest, and it will put me and New York back on the map.”

Prediction for the fight?

“This is boxing anything can happen at any giving second. But I predict me winning of course, and a new world champ”

What direction you see your career going if you win this one?

“I’ll worry about that after May 15th, I’m not looking past anyone. I have my eyes set on Khan, and anything else after.”

Your favorate British Boxers past and present?

“I respect all all British fighters.”

David Haye? – Is he the man to save the heavyweight scene?

“One person just can’t save this sport, everyone needs to work together.”

The Fight?
“I think it’s a solid match-up, I think we have similar strengths. I think my level of opposition has been higher than his but I really think level of opposition sometimes can be overrated. If you can fight, you can fight no matter who you’ve fought so I don’t really count Amir’s level of opposition against him. I’ve seen him on video, and yeah—he can fight. So I’m going have to come prepared on May 15, but having said that, I believe we’re putting a good game plan in place and we’ll be ready for whatever they got.
The Magic Man? “It’s always exciting to fight at Madison Square Garden, more than anything and I got the opportunity to do that. I got to really give Khan credit there because he really wanted to come to New York and fight me and a lot of fighters wouldn’t take that chance and they might not take that chance..”
Ricky Hatton, for example, didn’t take that chance when he was supposed to fight me a couple of years ago. He had the option of fighting me at the Garden but he chose to fight me in Vegas .” he added.

“I got to really give Amir credit for coming to New York and taking me on. Obviously, like I said before, I believe he’s making the wrong choice in fighting me, but having said that, he still deserves credit for coming to New York and taking me on.”

“Because he’s been supported very well in England and this is going to be the first time that he’s really going to have a crowd that’s not supporting him.” 
Paulie’s last meeting with British foe, was Amir Khans friend and former light-welterweight and welterweight world champion, Manchester’s Ricky Hatton.
A heartbroken Malignaggi was TKO in the 11th round in a controversial stoppage from his corner that shocked and upset the gallant Malignaggi, who desperately wanted to continue fighting.
In a moving boxing moment, after the bell, the loquacious and visibly heartbroken Malignaggi decided to take the microphone from the announcer, and say how he felt about the stoppage.
“I am better than this,” said Malignaggi emotionally. “Better that being stopped.”
The Hatton loss hit the prideful Malignaggi hard. Turning off his cell phone and spending long days intentionally in solitude, Malignaggi searched his soul for answers and purpose. After facing his demons and thinking long and hard, a better Malignaggi finally began to emerge. He found many answers that he was looking for about life. He also found answers regarding boxing and decided to switch trainers and his future fight game plans.

Paulie Malignaggi Highlight Video

“I used to love boxing,” said Malignaggi. “I used to love my old style- fast and always moving, dancing, and enjoying it. I decided I would never try to change for anyone again. That I had to find my old style again, bring it back, and make it better than ever before.”
According to Malignaggi he also changed his viewpoint on why he boxed.
“I used to box for fame and attention,” said Malignaggi in retrospect. “I want to continue to box. But for different reasons. I want to box for the financial safety of my future family, which I can’t wait for. I want to find a wife I love and have beautiful kids to take care of- I never thought I would say that- all I ever cared about was clubs and cars and having fun with my friends, living the life. But it was to fill an emptiness I realize now- because I came from a broken family and experienced a lot of hurt…but now I am ready to reverse that.”

Paulie Malignaggi Highlight Video

One thing Malignaggi will never change is his crazy hair variations. Malignaggi is known for his interesting ways of expressing himself. Every fight he comes with an interesting new hair style- from blond Mohawk to gelled spikes to long dreadlock extension to buzzed head to blue hair, Malignaggi finds a way to grab attention. He also has a gift for gab and knack for running his mouth as he loves the camera and to have his say on everything from his opponents to the state of boxing- another trait Malignaggi will never change. In the recent past, however, most have realized that Malignaggi is one of the most misunderstood boxers out there, and that all his talking and flash is a disguise for what is a great human being with a heart of gold. By Chris Maylett 

Follow Paulie on Twitter. “To all my British fans, keep up to date with the Magic Man”

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