Carl froch is a new Dad with a renewed desire
“I want to ensure that I inflict a beating on him that will send a loud message out that I will not be denied the Super Six trophy.”Froch
DURING the last 18 months I’ve been consumed with distractions over TV coverage, fighters who didn’t want to fight me and numerous injuries and situations crowding my mind. In the last few weeks – as I prepared to become a dad for the first time – I had the chance to stop and reflect on how hard it’s been to get to where I am today.
And, most of all, how I’m not going to let it slip. Baby Rocco arrived last Thursday, tipping the scales at 6lbs 14.5oz. I’m pleased to say both Rachael and Rocco are fit and well and back at home..
With the start of my own family comes a turning point. Something has clicked that missing piece of the Cobra jigsaw.
That grit has returned and the last fight has renewed my desire to win the Super Six tournament and stamp all over the rest of the competition at super-middleweight.
Next up is Arthur Abraham. The Germans may have defeated us in the World Cup. But this is one England v Germany showdown that requires no hype.
There will be no dodgy officiating for either of us – as we’ll be facing off at a neutral venue.
One thing is for sure, this time it’ll be 3-0. In the Super Six, you get two points for a win and three points for a stoppage. I’ll be gunning for the latter.
Box champion Arthur Abraham in Bamberg in Octo...
Arthur Abraham
Abraham brings fabled power to the table, along with a tight guard. He likes to plod along and reserve his energy for the later rounds, with many of his KOs coming towards the end of his bouts.
Against me, he’ll have no place to hide as I’m going to take it straight to him. Looping shots around his guard to his temple and ribs.
He can try to let his bombs go and that’s fine by me. He strikes me as not having the engine to fight every minute of every round but that’s what is going to be needed for what promises to be one of the best showdowns of the tournament so far.
I won’t be denied again and he had a tough time against my former stablemate Howard Eastman a few years ago, who my trainer Robert McCracken used to train. So we know what the plan will be.
My old friend Dirrell was ahead on the scorecards against Abraham, when the German began to come on strong in the later rounds, before being disqualified for an illegal blow when Dirrell was on the floor.
With a spot in the final qualifying stage at stake, neither of us will be cutting any corners.
Abraham commands respect as an individual and a puncher. He’s the kind of knock-out artist I like.
But trust me, he strikes no fear into me. I’ve sparred with much heavier and bigger punchers than him.
We’ve seen how good my chin is over the last couple of years but Abraham got his jaw broken by Edision Miranda at middleweight.
I’d consider myself a bigger puncher than Miranda and certainly more accurate and awkward. Abraham showed huge guts to fight until the bell in that fight and gets my respect for it.
I plan on bringing brute strength and passion into this fight.
I’ll be on total lock-down and not be letting any trivialities get in the way of putting myself through the toughest camp of my career.
I want to ensure that I inflict a beating on him that will send a loud message out that I will not be denied the Super Six trophy. courtesy of
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