Wladimir Klitschko and Dereck Chisora (right)
So Dereck Chisora will get his world heavyweight title shot after all, against champion Wladimir Klitschko on April 30th, after the talks for a fight with Haye broke down again.

Chisora was due to face Klitschko on 11th December, but the fight was called off due to an injury to the Ukrainian, sustained in a fall, forced him to pull out a week before the fight, leaving the British challenger devastated.

But with Chisora, entitled to his fight with Klitschko because of contract terms, could Klitschko be facing Chisora rather than pay him step aside money so he could have faced Haye?

Chisora was in a good position to negotiate and will now get his chance, after it was confirmed they will meet in the spring in Germany.

Chisora, had trained for the first meeting in an hideaway in Scotland, and had got himself in the best shape of his career, only for the fight to fall through, but with the news coming that the fight is back on, Chisora believes he will take this second chance and defeat the champion.
This news is a fantastic late Christmas present, I always believed that I would fight Klitschko, and my faith has been repaid. I was a bit worried that he might try and fight an easier touch, but I think I’ve earned my opportunity. I was gutted when Wladimir pulled out of our fight just a couple of days beforehand. But now I’ve got another chance to take his titles away. He’s a great world champion, but his time at the top is well and truly up.
My promoter Frank Warren has done a great job in getting me this opportunity because there was no guarantee Wladimir would fight me again after he got injured.” – said a delighted Chisora.
The news that Klitschko will go ahead with the Chisora defence, has been something of a boxing merry go round, after most people were hoping that Klitschko was a signature away from signing to face Haye.

Haye and his manager Adam Booth have both issued statements questioning Klitschkos withdrawal from fight talks, with fight forums and websites filled with disappointment and disgust at the fickle and horrible the way money, egos and TV stations sometimes stop the best facing the best in our sport.
But while everyone is ruing the heavyweight fallout – Klitschko has come out and said he still intends to fight Haye in 2011 after Chisora, almost writing off the British and Commonwealth champion’s first challenge to him.
The fight with Haye is not off, the fight is on. We had to get clearance on a date with Sky TV for pay per view in the UK and they we were concerned about conflicting with the upcoming Royal wedding. So the wedding is set for the end of April and we got clearance on a fight date of July 2, for sure.”  Wladimir Klitschko
Haye’s manager and trainer Adam Booth had criticised Klitschko for taking the Chisora fight.

Booth told Sky Sports News: “There were lots of people that know Wladimir really didn’t want this fight yet.
“It’s a shame. It’s embarrassing for boxing that the unification fight isn’t going to happen now because David’s bent over backwards. We’ve conceded to every single ridiculous demand they made.” – Adam Booth
Booth went on – “From the start they said 50-50. David said fine, even though potentially we’re putting in the pot three or four times more than they’re putting into the pot because of pay-per-view Sky box office. David still said ‘Let’s get the fight done 50-50’.

“They said the fight had to be on their German broadcaster even though our German broadcaster was prepared to pay more. We said fine. They said ‘We’re not coming to England for the fight’. David said ‘Fine, I’ll go to Germany’.

“They said Wladimir has to be in the red corner, Wladimir has to come in second, Wladimir’s name has to be first on the poster and all these other ridiculous, egotistical things, and David said ‘Fine, have it, just get him in the ring with me’.

“The last thing was, here is the date we now have, we said yes, Sky have approved that date and they turn round and say ‘We’re now doing Chisora’. Wladimir should feel ashamed of himself.”

Haye was damning of Klitschko’s behavior towards him and the fight date fiasco and in a statement he issued on Wednesday, he said he doesn’t believe that his rival champion will keep his word on fighting twice in 2011, which means a fight could never happen, with Haye planning to retire in October
It should never have come to this, I was available to fight in May and June, yet Klitschko only gave me dates of April 30 and July 2. The April date would be too close to Amir Khan’s next fight, and prove problematic with Sky Box Office, so we settled for July. Klitschko claims he’ll fight both me and Chisora, but it’s nonsense. Are we expected to believe that a fighter who competed only once in the whole of 2009 and twice in 2010 is now going to box twice in a matter of nine weeks? A bout with me is the most lucrative, meaningful and dangerous fight Wladimir’s ever had, not some throwaway tune-up. Wladimir won’t fight anybody nine weeks after Chisora, let alone me. I now need to look for a fight of my own beyond April, as Amir Khan has that month tied up with his bout. Presumably Wladimir is expecting me to fight in either May or June and then face him in early July. It’s ridiculous.” David Haye – read all of Hayes statement here.
So Chisora fights Klitschko? Haye fights Klitschko? either way British boxing will have two fighters contesting the heavyweight crown this year and should Chisora pull it off against Klitschko, Haye vs Chisora may just happen!
But all these shananigans and will they wont they noncense, cancellations do nothing but harm to boxing and continue to make the heavyweight title a tainted shadow of what it used to be.
By Chris Maylett
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