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Wladimir Klitschko has spoken of his offer to fight David Haye on July 2nd 2011, claiming the contract is still on the table waiting to be accepted.

Klitschko also said, that he wants to fight Haye to please the British fans who are calling for this fight to happen.

Klitschko also told BBC Sport’s reporter Matt Slater that he is willing to meet Haye in either Germany or the UK, for this heavyweight unification clash, but is adamant that the fight for him is not about the money.

He also made a mock of Hayes insistence on leaving a legacy in the heavyweight division before his planned retirement in October 2011, which is drawing closer. With no opponent as yet confirmed for Haye’s next fight and Klitschko facing another British fighter next in Dereck Chisora on April 30th.

Haye doesn’t believe that even if Klitschko beats Chisora in April, there is no way he would then face him just 3 months later. Klitschko though is saying that is what he has put to Hayemaker and if he wants it to sign the contract, show up for the fight and stop talking nonsense! satisfy

“After talking so much nonsense, he has to show up in the ring
He has been trying to be smart but eventually he has backed himself into a corner. said Klitschko.

“And he is talking about Legacy? I don’t see no legacy with David Haye I’m sorry. I have to be honest with you, but it isn’t just my opinion.

“I know the British fans are looking forward to this fight and I am looking forward to actually satisfying the British fans and fight David Haye.

“I’m right here and I’m confirming that July 2 as I’ve said before is the date for the fight. Either David Haye takes it or the whole thing is dead.” Klitschko added.

Money and contract terms have seemed to be the stumbling block for this fight to happen, but the Ukrainian champion said he is willing to split the purse to make the fight happen, but insists that it is not about the money.

“We wasn’t great on the money so we split everything 50/50 of course there is a lot of money to be made, but money isn’t the issue right now.

“As I’ve said I’ve confirmed the date July 2, and the answer from David Haye was ‘I don’t want you to fight before’ and I wont listen to David Haye at tall.” Klitschko fumed. watch the interview with Wladimir Klitschko here

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