27th June 2011

Scott Quigg – pic: britishboxers.co.uk
Scott Quigg will face Franklin Varela next month in what will be a WBA world title eliminator.

The 22-year-old Lancashire prospect will also be putting his WBA intercontinental super-bantamweight title on the line against the Venezuelan in his hometown at Bury’s Castle Leisure Centre on Saturday July 23.

But crucially the governing body have made the bout an eliminator for recently crowned WBA world champion Rico Ramos’ world tite.

In the organisation’s latest published rankings Scott is ranked seventh, with Varela just behind him at number 11.

Whoever wins the Bury brawl will be elevated higher and closing in on the winner of Shimoda’s defence next month against number one contender Rico Ramos.

Quigg who is also due to meet British champion Jason Booth in October has won all 21 pro fights.

He said after receiving the news from Hatton Promotions agent Philippe Fondu: “I am buzzing about the news and Hatton Promotions have delivered yet again.”

Varela has won 19 of his 24 contests and Hatton Promotions President Ricky Hatton added: “We have moved Scot along steadily, but now he is in world class and will prove it against Varela.”

The last few for show which will not be televised are priced £75(VIP Ringside), £55 (Ringside) and £35 General admission and available from www.brandhatton.com Tel: 0844 847 2500/ 01925 755222

‘In the Ring with Scott Quigg’ – Q&A
Scott Quigg British Boxing’s rising star –  www.scottquigg.com
BB: When did you hear you were getting this eliminator fight with Varela?
SQ:I first heard about it on Friday just gone, and was really pleased to know that it’s now an eliminator,  a win could mean, I could be fighting for the ultimate prize, which everybody starts boxing to achieve a world title, hopefully within two fights so.”

BB: Fans would say this is your toughest test so far against Varela?
SQ: I agree, I’m really training hard to make sure I’m 100% ready for Varela who I see as a very dangerous opponent he’s ranked number 11 in the world by the WBA so he’s not there just for the sake of it. He is a good fighter, very good short puncher and also works very good to the body and as with most South American boxers, he looks very tough. But I’ve watched the tape of him a couple of times and I’m very confident I can win and win impressive, but it won’t be easy.

BB: You are the mandotary challenger for Jason Booth’s British title, is that fight going to happen this year?
SQ: The Booth fight is supposed to take place by the end of October. So If I come through my next fight fine, then I will still be fighting Jason. I would like to win the British title, so the fight with Jason would also give me a very good indication were I’m at, because he is a very good fighter who I respect alot. He’s achieved alot and also fought for a world title, so to fight someone like Jason is only gonna make me a better fighter and prepare me for bigger fights. But as I said I would have to be well on the top of my game to beat him and I expect a very tough fight when I fight Jason. But I’m focussed on Varela first because any slip up’s against him, then I’m back to square one and having to rebuild.

BB: Will you prepare for this fight differently to others, do you work on a game plan for each fight or just do your own thing and let the opponent worry about you?
SQ: I prepare for every fight the same i make sure I’m 100% ready for anything the opponent could bring if he’s a puncher or a boxer it wont matter because I prepare for everything, but when we get some footage ill sit down with Brian an pat an work out the best way to execute the plan.
BB: All of your pro fights have taken place in the Northwest to date, are you ready to take the Scott Quigg show on the road when the time comes to chase the bigger titles?
SQ: Yes Ill fight anywhere it doesn’t matter to me were I fight I just love to fight don’t get me wrong its good to fight in front off your home fans but id gladly fight anywhere and hopefully try and build my fan base even more.
BB: The boxing world is starting to take notice of Scott Quigg and say good things about you, is it rewarding to know what you have achieved up to now is starting to be recognised and appreciated? Does the extra attention spur you on, or can it be a distraction?
Its nice to hear people say good things about you and it shows the hard work I’ve put in is paying off, It spurs me on even more. The attention doesn’t distract me or make me think I’m better than I am, it makes me more focused to keep training hard an to prove that the people saying good things about me are right, and that i can be as good as people say I’m going to be.
BB: Any predictions for the fight?
SQ: All I know is that I will come out the winner Ill do what ever it takes to get the win.
BB:When and how did you get into boxing?
SQ: I started boxing at 15. I was a Thai boxer before I started boxing so after doing Thai boxing for 9 years i wanted to try out boxing an see how i did an that’s how i got into it.
BB: Who was your first trainer?
SQ: My first ever trainer was Darren Phillips he trained me from my Thai boxing days and I went to Micky Jelly’s amateur club but I was still being trained by Darren as well who is a very good trainer.
BB: How would you describe your fight style?
SQ: Id describe my self as a smart pressure fighter who can box or punch.
Yuri Voronin


BB:Who influenced you as a young boxer?
Toughest / Best opponent you have faced?
SQ: Yuri Voronin (right) on paper cause at the time it was a big step up but it turned out to be one of my best performance’s.
BB: Toughest Part of being a boxer?
SQ: Everything about boxing because if you train hard make the sacrifices diet proper an put 150% into boxing its going to be tough but that’s what makes you the fighter you are.
BB: Who do you wish you had fought or want to fight?
SQ: Right now Id’ like to fight Jason Booth because he’s the British champion an I think I’m ready to take the step up.
BB: Best fight you have seen?
SQ: Ive got a few but the one that sticks out is Wilfredo Gomez vs Lupe Pintor (below)

Wilfredo Gomez vs Lupe Pintor

BB: Dream Fight? Who v Who?
SQ: Pacquio vs Mayweather or Wilfredo Gomez vs Juan Manuel Lopez.
BB: Favorite all time boxer – World and British?
SQ: Ricardo Lopez / Chris Eubank
Nathan Cleverly

BB: Favourite British fighter at the moment?

SQ: Nathen Cleveley (right) he’s a skillful boxer but also likes to mix it up an provides entertaining fights an I can see him going on to win a world title.
BB: What do you do when you are not Boxing?
SQ: I just relax with my girlfriend and family
BB: What would you do if you wasn’t a boxer?
SQ: I haven’t got a clue what id do an that’s why I train so hard, that hopefully ill never have to find out
BB: Your Motivation?
SQ: To be the best on one day be a world champion
BB: What music do you listen too?
SQ: I listen to anything I have all sorts on my ipod
BB: Last book you read?
SQ: Boxing News that’s all I read
BB: Favorite films?
SQ: Happy Gilmore / Taken (trailer below) / Law Abiding Citizens

BB: Favorite Meal?
SQ: Chinese
BB: Best Holiday destination?
SQ: Dubai
BB: What other sports do you watch?
SQ: Football
BB: Best friends in Boxing?
SQ: Mike Jennings / Thomas McDonagh / Matthew Hall
Best friend in boxing, Michael Jenning’s – sparring at Brian Hughes Moston Gym.
Quick Fire Questions:
Red or Blue? Red
Marvin Hagler or Sugar Ray Leonard? Sugar Ray Leonard
Benn or Eubank? Eubank
David Haye or Lennox Lewis? Lennox
Paquiao or Mayweather? Mayweather


Jab or Hook? Hook
Head or Body? Body
European or British Title? British
Country? England
City? Manchester
Animal? Dog

What does the future hold for you? 
Hopefully some big fights an winning some major titles

Good to speak to you Scott and good luck in the fight and all the very best in your career.

By Chris Maylett for www.britishboxers.co.uk

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