12th September 2011

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Under normal circumstances or maybe a different age of boxing, a fighter coming off a world title fight loss would have to build himself back up to reach that pinnacle again.

If recent mumblings are to be believed it may come immediate for David Haye our former WBA heavyweight champion who is lining himself up to get an instant world title chance against Vitali Klitschko.

After a Caribbean holiday of soul searching and a chat with former champion Lennox Lewis, Haye has signalled that he is willing to abandon his retirement plans for six months at least, with the hope of getting big brother of his heavyweight conqueror Wladimir, into the ring for the chance to gain revenge and claim the 40 year olds WBC heavyweight belt.

“I’ve ­reconsidered everything after talking to my family and meeting Lennox in Montego Bay. We chilled out and Lennox gave me some tips on how to beat Vitali, just like he did in 2003.

“Vitali should give me the chance, if he dares.”

Haye 30, promised he would walk away from boxing on his 31st birthday; this October. But that was under the assumption he would be leaving the hurt game as champion, believing he would have beaten Wladimir in July, capping a successful career that saw him become undisputed cruiserweight king and then in his finest hour outpointing Nikolai Valuez to claim the WBA title in 2009.

But it wasn’t just Hayes little toe that suffered during the weeks after losing his title, his pride had suffered a good going over and dwelling in hindsight, the Londoner knows he just cant go out like that. At the very least he’ll feel he owes it too himself to give it another go, even if he loses he wont have to live with, what if! Which now he sees less a sin, than breaking the retirement covenant he had set.

A rematch with Wladimir had also been touted, but the fans just wouldn’t buy that, the fight wasn’t controversial, Haye lost fair and square. A broken toe is merely collateral damage in a boxing ring and Haye probably looks back on that episode with a slight cringe and he is better than that! But with Wladimir ready to announce a defence against former cruiserweight champion Jean Marc Mormeck, that fight wont happen.

DIE KLITSCHKOS - Der Film - Making-of

Does Haye deserve an instant shot a Vitali? Or should he rehabilitate himself first and earn his challenge? Well whatever we think, Haye hasn’t the time for a rebuild and is already setting the wheels in motion by calling out Vitali this week. The thing with this fight, is the people will buy it, it can made and looks likely that Vitali will oblige Hayes shout.

Hayes bargaining chip for an instant shot, apart from his pre championship status and the successful Hayemaker media machine, is that there just isn’t any other positive challengers out there for Vitali. Hayes name is at the top of his short list for his next defence and he is willing to do it on Hayes home turf of Wembley Stadium.

Vitali, (right) defended his title with a 10-round beating of Poland’s former world cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek on Saturday. The big man hasn’t many fights left and the chance for him to chin the Cocky Brit who mocked him and his family in the build up to the Wladimir fight, is too much a temptation to turn down.

“David Haye is world famous, not from boxing skills but from his long tongue,” Vitali told Sky Sports.

“He is the world’s biggest trash-talker and that’s why everybody knows him. He touched me and my brother personally and I want to knock him out. I’m serious. I want to knock David Haye out – I can do that.

“It would be a great to fight in Great Britain. I know I have great support in Britain and I want to thank everybody there for watching this fight.

“I know they like the Klitschko brothers and we have good support there. I would like to fight there again – at Wembley Stadium. That is another dream.”

Vitali nicknamed ‘Doctor Iron Fist’ is possibly the bigger puncher of the two brothers and is defiantly the tougher character of the pair, while Wladimir is more the technical boxer. He was deeply hurt by Hayes antics and will no doubt look to force a stoppage unlike Wladimir who was content to play safe and box Haye for the full 12 rounds.

This could play into the plans of Haye, who remember when he lands he has devastating knockout power, Wladimir never gave him a chance to test his power on his questionable chin. So would Haye have more of a chance against Vitali who will look to engage him?

Or will the Doctor prescribe a more bitter pill than his brother and live up to his knockout prediction? Whatever happens in the fight, you can be sure it will take place and we will want to watch it!

By Chris Maylett 

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