25th May 2012

Luxembourg will be losing around 3,000 – 4,000 Euro’s a year now that Luxembourg’s boxing federation agreed to sanction the fight in the UK on 14 July between the two unlicensed boxers David Haye and Dereck Chisora for their heavyweight meltdown.

The subsidies were stripped by the sports minister, an official in the ministry said; “The minister was not amused by this initiative, this does nothing to further the value of sport or the image of Luxembourg in general.”

Even though the cutting of the subsidies will not make a huge difference to the sporting body, it still make an expression of thought he said, “The gesture is more symbolic.”

David Haye is still yet to pass his medical test which Chisora has done already and passed, even though Haye gave up his licence when he announced his retirement in October.

In the past few weeks fans in the UK have not been that interested in watching the pair fight, however over in Germany there is a lot of interest, regardless of the antics that went down after the press conference of the fight between Vitali Klitschko and Dereck Chisora in Munich.  There was a vote on the biggest selling German tabloid paper and 72% of almost 25,000 thousand people who voted wanted to see the new proposed fight on 14 July televised in Germany. 

The British Board of Boxing Control said this month that anyone involved in the proposed fight would have their license stripped, which is why Haye and Chisora went to seek their licenses elsewhere.

Haye has been involved in his launch of his new i-phone game which climbed to the top spot earlier this month, he said “I’m delighted with the way the game has sold, and am pleased everybody seems to love the game”.  It features the British boxer against a heavyweight opponent “D-Boy”, maybe this is another psychological plan to gear himself into the awkwardness of this fight against Chisora, he may have fans and himself playing the game, however the real fight will show us, who really is serious about wanting to get another go at the world title and also to prove their talents and gain their respect back.

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