7th December 2012

Describe the moment you fell in love with boxing?
first time I fell in love with boxing, bit of a cliche really but it’s
the truth, was when I first walked through the doors of West Ham Boys
Club. It was full of traditional east end fighters and I laced up a
pair of dark green gloves and just smashed the life out of a punch bag.
It felt so natural. It felt like home if I’m honest.” 
Who is your all time favourite boxer and inspiration?
Ali is my inspiration, just with his quotes on training, boxing and
life itself. He would always express his feelings through quotes and
reading them back or saying them encourages me so much to do more and
train harder, he really does bring out the best in all fighters I think.
However my favourite all time fighter is Sugar Ray Robinson, he put the
pure in class!” 

Who is your current favourite boxer?
are so many great fighters out there I don’t tend to choose one. I like
watching all different styles of fighters and use their best attributes
and see if they work for myself.” 
What teammates were your biggest inspiration when training in the gym?
I was an amateur I used to love sitting and watching Matthew Marsh and
Kevin Mitchell spar. They both oozed class. I’d always stop training and
sit with my coach, then Micky May who would explain what they were
doing and why, then I’d go away for an hour and just practise what they
done. To this very day I’m always hearing I fight like Matthew and Kevin
and I take that as a big compliment.” 
What success would you like to achieve in boxing?
want to be a world champion. Forget money and fame, I just want to win
that world title in front of my east end fans and say here you go, the
championship’s home.” 
What titles do you most desire to win?
“I want to win every title I possibly can, right from the Southern Area Title, right up to the World Title.” 
How do you motivate yourself before a fight?
don’t really do anything to motivate myself, my life itself motivates
me. I come from a proud family and I want to keep them proud and repay
them for everything they did for me as an amateur. They would rush home
to take me to the gym after a hard day’s work, they would follow me all
over Britain and Europe to watch me fight, and I want to repay them all
for that. Seeing your fans when you are walking to the ring, it’s so
emotional and I want to repay them with success. That’s my motivation.” 
Billy in Action
What goes through your head from the moment you arrive at the venue til you step into the ring?
just calm, relaxed and thinking about the storm ahead. It’s all a rush.
The time from when you wake up to the final bell just seems to go in
milli-seconds. You don’t get time to think it just naturally happens.” 
How do you celebrate/relax after a fight?
every fight I’d go around the venue and talk to and greet every single
person that paid to come and see me fight. Every person that goes to
work and spends their hard earned money to pay to see me on my journey
in boxing; I just can’t thank them enough. So I try and spend as much
time with them all and buy them a few drinks after as a way of thanking
Do you think you will have to take all of your fights to the distance or are you working on a strategy for KO’s to come?
the KO will come. It’s just a matter of my body physically maturing.
Some fighters mature quicker than others and they go out and KO everyone
put in front of them but then they wear out earlier in life. So it’s
just a matter of me being physically ready and my time will come.” 
Who has been your toughest opponent so far as amateur or professional?
one to call really. In the pro’s I have breezed through all my fights
and in the amateurs I properly boxed around 20 national champions so
they was always tough and hard fights.” 
Who would you like to fight right now?
open to fighting anyone, but I’m young and learning the pro game so
there’s no rush at the minute. Once I’ve got my feet firmly on the
ground and people are taking notice, then I can start talking about
potential fights.” 
What have you learnt so far in your first 2 years as a pro?
learnt that it takes time to adapt. I’m only just starting to feel like
a professional fighter and it feels great. I’m not rushing anything, I
take each day is it comes and all the advice I get, I’m taking in and

Billy Morgan with coaches Mark Tibbs (left) and legend Jimmy Tibbs

What else do feel you need to learn to progress?
personally think with the stable I’m in with Mark and Jimmy Tibbs as
trainers, being managed by Dean Powell and promoted by Frank Warren,
that all four I mentioned will advise and teach me everything I need to
know to progress to the top. Mark and Jimmy are phenomenal trainers, I
could spend hours and hours with them learning it’s that good, and
Dean’s been around managing fighters for years, he’s got so much
knowledge and he’s always available to help and he’s pushing me towards
the right direction.” 
How did you feel after your last fight was cancelled?
was gutted. I didnt want to withdraw from the fight, it brought tears
to my eyes. But then again what fighter wants to withdraw from any
fight? The decision was down to Mark and Dean and looking back, it was a
good decision as I was really ill and couldn’t train for two weeks. I
would have never been ready for the show. Sometimes a trainer/manager
needs to make the right decision, as if it’s left to a fighter they
would always choose to fight, and that’s how serious injuries occur.” 
hail from a very busy and talent filled gym with well respected
trainers, how much of an inspiration and benefit are the coaches and
teammates around you?

To sum that up in
one word, Massively. There’s so many champions in there and all the
trainers have trained great fighters so they are very well respected.
It’s just a gym full of character. You could sit in the gym for hours on
end watching fighters train or listening to the trainers stories of
past champions and you will leave the gym full of motivation and learn
something new each day. The atmosphere is amazing, you just feed on it.
That’s what makes you want to go and train everyday, being in an
atmosphere full of champions hoping one day you’re gonna be in their
shoes, surrounded by prospects looking up to you.” 
What does 2013 hold in store?
a mystery. I’m hoping that I’ll be more active and get a few more
fights under my belt. 2012′s not been as active as I’d hoped but I’m
young and those big fights will one day happen so I’m just playing the
waiting game then I’ll strike when it’s my time to shine.” 
Aside from boxing, what are your pastimes outside of the ring?
the ring I’ve been working hard. Just been training and I’m still
working full time so I’ve just been putting the hours in at work earning
money to enjoy a nice christmas this year.”
You can follow the talented Lightweight on Twitter @MorganBilly or visit the official website at www.billymorgan.co.uk

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