17th February 2013

Gavin ‘The Rock’ Rees unfortunately couldn’t solve the problem that was set for him in America on Saturday night. Trying to become a two weight world champion while causing one of the biggest upsets in boxing and one of the best results for a British boxer overseas in his challenge for the WBC lightweight world title against undefeated American super star Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Welshman Rees was a 80-1 underdog according to some odds makers going into
the biggest fight of his 37-1-1, 18KOs career. But he put in a brave performance and did his best before succumbing to the blinding skills of Broner at 2:59 of the 5th round.

Round by Round Action and BritishBoxers Scorecard
Rees came to the ring to the haunting sound of an air raid siren, no thrills he came for business and looked un-fazed by the big occasion, his experience shines through and he looks confident as he enters the ring to await the champions flamboyant entrance. Broner all mic’d up and sparkling from head to toe in sequins with both his championship belts held aloft his head. Broner smiles, he’s wearing sunglasses and as he begins his approach to the ring sings his own entrance song which is boomed through the speakers in a packed Boardwalk Hall.
Both in the ring, Michael Buffer screams ‘Lets get ready to rumble. seconds are out, theres the bell! 
Round 1: 
Its a bright start from Rees he is getting his long jab off well and catching Broner, Rees lands the odd left hook and gets into Broner’s body well and hooks away. But the champion is nodding his head and smiling, he lets go a few dangerous left counters that land on Rees, but Broner’s having a look and concedes the round. 10-9 Rees

Round  2:
This fight is livening up! And Broner is beginning to open up. It was another good start to the round by Rees but a big left counter rocks the challenger and Broner begins to showboat. But Rees is still working away, although his punches dont appear to be having any effect on Broner. 10-9 Broner

Round  3:
The speed of Broner is impressive and he lands an hurtful right lead but Rees is still coming forward. Broners counter shot are sharp and Rees is having to take some hard shots. He bravely fights with Broner but gets backed upto the ropes and the American unloads another two right leads and an hurtful uppercut has Rees in trouble but he survives the session. Rees is winning the crowds respect and cheers but the fight is slipping away from him. 10-9 Broner

Round  4:
Broner is really turning on the style now and using every punch in the book, peppering Rees with hurtful combinations. Rees IS DOWN a vicious right uppercut drops Rees on his back and he looks hurt bad. He beats the count and bravely carries on but Broner is going for the stoppage. Rees is stubborn and some how is surviving this. Rees is fighting back and showing amazing courage, calling Broner on. Rees as somehow made the bell after taking a crunching left hook to the body that knocked the wind out of him! 10-8 Broner

Round  5:
Broner is now like a panther stalking his prey and enticing Rees into his trap. Another smashing right lead bounces off Rees’ head and Broner follows it up with another hook to Rees ribs and it drops him to his knee. He beats the count and is allowed to fight on by the referee, but Rees is under attack and the end is near. Gary Lockett Rees’ trainer is waving the towel. The fight is over at 2:59 of the round. Broner is still the WBC lightweight champion, but Rees won his respect.
Rees put up a brave effort and hit Broner (now 26-0, 22KOs) with a lot of shots going for broke, but his punches had little effect on Broner who looked so much bigger than Rees. The Rock gave the champion a good scrap and went out on his shield to a fighter who is a special talent and a fine replacement for Mayweather.

Broner will take some beating! A future boxing super star? Yes!

After the fight Broner paid tribute to Rees performance “He’s a tough world class fighter, as tough as a piece of steak thats been cooked too long. 

I had to see how much gas was in that little Toyota he was pushing,” Broner said.

“But It’s about different levels, If they go up one level, I go up to the next level.”

Rees was humble and was respectful of Broners performance post fight but wasn’t happy with his own. “I’m disappointed in my performance tonight. I made a lot of mistakes. I think I  have a lot better skill set than that.

“He was catching me with some great shots and your game plan goes out of the window when your stunned and you dont think properly. I’m a warrior and would have carried on until he knocked me out cold, but he’s the best I’ve been in with, he’s a super star I’ve never been dealt with like that before.”

Speaking of a potential fight with another British fighter in Ricky Burns in an all lightweight unification showdown, Broner told SkySports; “Ya know he’ll get burned up, I just wanna fight him, if he doesn’t wanna fight then O well man, it don’t matter.” 

By @britishboxers

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