After listening to Scott Quigg’s interview about Carl Frampton being the easiest fight out of all the champions and Scott being 100% sure he can beat him. I agree about Quigg beating Frampton, but disagree that Frampton is the easiest fight.

I think Guillermo Rigondeaux is the easiest fight for Quigg, Rigondeaux is older than the others, and showed a tendency to leave his chin open after throwing a flurry of shots. He was dropped twice in his last fight and looked ordinary on his way to an 11 round stoppage. There’s no denying that Rigondeaux can bang, Nonito Donaire found that out in their fight. Rigondeaux is beatable, and Quigg should target him after dispatching of Frampton. Another problem with facing Rigondeaux is, nobody knows him, has no TV deal. How sellable is that fight, a lot of boxing writers are talking up Rigondeaux as the man to avoid, but for me he is beatable with a sound game plan.

Leo Santa Cruz is a tough fight, good boxer supreme boxing skills and a good knockout percentage.  Has a good crowd following . Quigg should stay away from Leo Cruz.

Now back to Frampton, his strengths are good feet movement and likes to fight from range and is very good at it. Likes to throw shots and move it and out, uses his feet to good effect.

Frampton need to get rid of Quigg in 4 rounds otherwise I can see Scott Quigg forcing a stoppage in round 9. Quigg’s best chance of beating Frampton is on the inside. Soften him up with sickening body shots like the ones he delivered to Rendall Munroe, or body and head attack delivered to Silva shades of Tyson how he hit Silva with a body shot and then an uppercut with the same hand. Quigg has good reach shots, throws some beautiful straight shots and is a supremely fit boxer. I can see him getting Frampton to fight his fight, Frampton will be looking to get involved in a war, Barry McGuigan used to do the same, but it will be to no avail as Quigg can get inside slip Carl’s shots and deliver the body shots.

It should be a good fight but I see Quigg with the advantage. Quigg’s strength will be too much for Frampton and he can bang with both hands, the body shots are the punches that bring Scott Quigg victory and unify both the WBA and IBF belts. Then he can set his sights on Rigondeaux and take his belt too.

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