As Chris Eubank celebrates his 49th birthday today, let’s take a look back at what is probably his most famed victory. 

Nigel Benn, “The Dark Destroyer” presented the complete antithesis of the pretentiously refined Eubank. The archetypal ” Blue collar” champion to Eubank’s aristocratic veneer of eccentricity.

Eubank had boasted in the run up to this classic that he would outclass Benn, boasting greater power, speed and finesse.

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Benn responded with a visible contempt for his challenger; even going so far to profess a hatred for the his opponent.

The resultant meeting was explosive, and sparked a mutual respect between the pair that endures to this day and would have undoubtedly stirred a passion for the sport among many of the eighteen million viewers watching on national television.

So Sit back and enjoy a British Classic!

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