Tyson Fury has threatened to quit boxing on many occasions and at least once before has announced his retirement.

He said he had quit the sport after the David Haye fight got cancelled twice in 2013, stating he was done with boxing for good, such was his disappointment with the politics of the game. Fury has admitted he has at times found it hard to get motivated to train and has not taken his career as seriously as he should have done. Since the appointment of his uncle Peter Fury as his trainer and mentor, the boxer had changed his attitude knuckled down and so far has reaped the rewards.

Fury has never been short of a bob or two and doesn’t seem too overly motivated by money but all boxers need something to fight for. The great Sugar Ray Robinson once said, ‘Its’ hard to get up every morning and go running when your wearing silk pyjamas.’ Robinson had made a lot of money and motivation to be the best was a telling factor in the ‘Sugarships’ unrivalled success.

Since becoming heavyweight king in December, ending the 11-year reign of Wladimir Klitschko in Germany via a points win, Fury has yet to begin training properly for the rematch with Klitschko with no date yet confirmed.

Fury, 27, after reaching the ultimate goal of becoming the linear heavyweight champion, is now unsure if his enthusiasm for boxing goes as far as unifying belts and defending his mantle as the best big man around and in an interview with the BBC said he may even hang up his gloves BEFORE facing the Ukrainian in a rematch scheduled for May or June and retire undefeated.

“I’m struggling to get motivated, “I could walk away.” said Fury, who has also stated in the past he is only fighting for money, is hinting now that money may not be enough of a motivation to keep going after already accomplishing his dream.

“I could just sail into the sunset unbeaten with all the belts and live a normal life.”

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“All that I would be boxing for is money and I always thought to myself I never want to let sport become about money.” he added.

“I’ve accomplished a dream. It’s about how much motivation I have to keep going on. There is life after boxing and I don’t know what I’m going to do at the moment. I haven’t even cemented I am going to fight in a rematch.” Listen to the full radio interview below.

It would be sad for boxing if Fury were to walk away. Defeating Klitschko last year, Fury took the heavyweight division into a new era and has brought a fresh excitement to a division that had been dominated by the Klitschko brothers for a generation. The possibilities for Fury seem endless at the moment with massive fights in the pipeline, fights that would cement the gladiator who comes out on top as a fight legend.

Waiting in the wings first, is the career defining rematch with Klitschko where Fury can prove it was no fluke the first time around. Then the world is his oyster! The heavyweight division, has it always does, now boasts a new breed of talent rising to the surface and Fury is now a wanted man! He is now the man to beat, the one who’s heart and fighting spirit will be brought into question and the time is now for him to really show what a fighting man he really is.

The unbeaten American Deontay Wilder, the man who holds the WBA heavyweight belt, is at the moment the biggest fight out there for Fury. After that the big money and fights in demand would be against fellow Brits. Anthony Joshua and David Haye. They are hugh fights financially but also the fights the public would want and Fury surely wouldnt have his balls brought into question for not taking the challenges that await him.

Fury has spoke about taking on Joshua and accepted he would have to face the rising contender at some point, but in many contradictions he has also recently said, ‘If I don’t box again he would be happy for Anthony Joshua to take over his mantle and represent the UK as the new champion. adding “Forget about me. I’m over the hill and I am at the top of the mountain already.”

Fury has made it clear that he will not make a decision on retirement until the rematch contract with Klitschko has been confirmed. Lets hope Fury sees the next couple of years as his opportunity to not only climb the mountain but to stand on top of it’s peak, knowing as a born fighter with a family history of men who would never turn down a challenge, like his his uncle ‘King of the Gypsies’ Bartley Gormley. Will Fury walk away from boxing or will he defend not only his belts but his honour and pride as a Fury?

Apparently there are five possible venues being touted for the rematch with Klitschko. Wembley stadium on June 4th, looks to be the front runner, Croke Park in Dublin has also been looked at, although Germany could stage it again. Fury though would prefer to have it on the pitch at Old Trafford, the ground of his home town club Manchester United.

Qatar and Abu Dhabi are reportedly among the short list looking at staging the fight, but how many times have we heard a big boxing fight was going to take place in the Middle East and it has never happened? Prince Naseen Hamed was suppose to be fighting there many times but it never happened.

Fury also revealed this week that there was an offer to stage the fight on board a sheikh’s billionaires Yacth in Dubai. Fury said ‘a billionaire offered to stage his rematch with Klitschko on his private yacht and wanted to charge 120 big spenders $1million each to have the exclusive privilege of watching it on board, with no TV or media allowed. Sounds crazy, but not as crazy as Fury retiring as heavyweight champion without one defence and never proving how good he really was.

Like a lot of comments from Fury, you have to take them with a bit of tongue and cheek, expect to see him back in the ring against Klitschko this summer and raring to go!

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