The word ‘Legend’, is banded about far too much these days. The synonym has been watered down so much, that even fighters with a couple of good performances are given the once special title.

The Oxford English dictionary, defines the word Legend as; Historical or an extremely notorious person, especially in a particular field.

In the UK, we have been lucky to have fighters that probably deserve the tag, Legendary more than others.

If you could go out and ask the general public and ask them to name two legendary fighters that encapsulate the meaning, there would only be two; Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn.

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Not only were they fearless, but the rivalry between the two is something that is still talked about, 23 years after their last bout.

They don’t come much bigger than these two, even school children and the elderly know who they are. Their two battles in 1990 and 1993 drew huge viewing figures at that time, it really was seen as two bloodthirsty gladiators entering the colosseum.

Chris Eubank won the first fight and was seen as the underdog, the second fight was given as a draw but a lot of people including myself, had Nigel Benn as the winner.

The two rivals went their separate paths with Benn retiring in 1996 and Eubank in 1998.

The pair were reunited on a reality show of which they were trained as sword fighting gladiators to eventually compete against each other. Their competitiveness and fearsome rivalry has always been reignited by TV executives looking to rekindle some of their past hostilities.

With boxing booming in the UK at the minute with multiple world champions and plenty of fringe contenders, Eubank and Benn 3 looks to be a real possibility.

There has always been some needling between the two retired fighters, this was last seen when Eubank was in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of here. Eubank pulled up has shirt to show everyone that he is still fit and wanting to take on Benn for a third time.

It seems that their challenge is gathering pace amid intense media scrutiny. Benn has stated that he has given Eubank a time frame of two months to accept the challenge, Eubank on the other hand is currently negotiating with TV companies around the world to screen the fight.

Sources say that it is not only the UK that has interests in staging the event. There has been offers from as far afield as the UAE, with financial backers in Ireland and more locally, Manchester willing to stump up a £20 million package.

It is not known yet what the duration of the contest would be, maybe 6 or 8 rounds but the interest would be phenomenal, in a final part of an absorbing trilogy.

There are no videos of Eubank training but if anybody is in any doubt that Benn no longer has the power or speed, check out the YouTube video of him training on the pads with Ricky Hatton. Awesome.

It seems that Eubank, is teasing Benn and the millions of adoring fans on when the fight is going to be, but has assured everyone that it will be announced on social media sooner rather than later.

Today Benn demanded Eubank “stop talking rubbish” and offered him a 50-50 split to fight him for a third time, with Wembley his preferred venue.

One thing is for sure, this is one fight that you will not want to miss.

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