Liverpool’s Tony Bellew will make his first defence of his WBC World Cruiserweight title against Californian B.J Flores at Echo Arena on Saturday night (15th October) and there is a nice looking undercard to support the main event.

Weights and running order for tomorrow night’s action


5pm                       4 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight Contest 

GERARD CARROLL (10st 7oz)           v              IRVIN MAGNO (9st 13lbs 7oz)

(Liverpool)                                                          (Buxton) 


5.20pm                 8 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight Contest

ROCKY FIELDING (12st 4lbs 4oz)   v              ISTVAN ZELLER (11st 12lbs 1oz)

(Liverpool)                                                          (Hungary)            

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                                8 x 3 mins Cruiserweight Contest  

MAIRIS BRIEDIS (14st 5lbs 9oz)    v              SIMON VALLILY (14st 3lbs 8oz)                

(Latvia)                                                                 (Middlesbrough)


6.40pm                 4 x 3 mins Cruiserweight Contest 

CRAIG GLOVER (14st 8oz)              v              ROLANDAS CESNA (13st 13lbs)

(Liverpool)                                                          (Lithuania)                   


7pm                       10 x 3 mins WBC International Lightweight Championship 

SEAN DODD (9st 8lbs)                    v              FRANCESCO PATERA (9st 7lbs 6oz)       

(Birkenhead)                                                     (Belgium) 





                                12 x 3 mins British Bantamweight Championship 

RYAN BURNETT (8st 5lbs 6oz)     v              RYAN FARRAG (8st 5lbs 3oz)

(Belfast)                                                               (Liverpool)

Followed by

                                12 x 3 mins WBC Silver Lightweight Championship 

LUKE CAMPBELL (9st 8lbs 5oz)    v          DERRY MATHEWS (9st 8lbs 8oz)

(Hull)                                                                     (Liverpool)

Followed by

                                12 x 3 mins WBC World Cruiserweight Championship 

TONY BELLEW (14st 3lbs 4oz)     v              B J FLORES (14st 3lbs 3oz)

(Liverpool)                                                          (USA)

Followed by

10 x 3 mins Vacant WBA International Super-Lightweight Championship 

TOM FARRELL (9st 13lbs 7oz)      v              FARID HAKIMI (9st 13lbs 4oz)

(Liverpool)                                                          (Belgium)


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LIVE FLOAT         6 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight Contest 

SCOTT FITZGERALD (11st 5lbs 3oz) v              ADAM JONES (11st 6lbs 7oz)       

(Preston)                                                             (Denaby)              




6 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight Contest 

PAUL ECONOMIDES (8st 10lbs 9oz) v           ELVIS GUILLEN (8st 12lbs 3oz)

(Liverpool)                                                          (Nicaragua)                          


6 x 3 mins Lightweight Contest

STEVE BROGAN (9st 11lbs 6oz)               v  CHRIS ADAWAY (9st 9lbs 3oz)

(Skelmersdale)                                                 (Plymouth)             

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