IBF world heavyweight king Anthony Joshua (18-0, 18KOs) will take on former undisputed world title ruler Wladimir Klitschko (64-4, 53KOs) at Wembley Stadium on 29th April in a mega fight for 2017.

After Joshua knocked out Eric Molina (25-4, 19) on Saturday, it was announced in the ring afterwards that Klitschko will challenge AJ in one of the biggest fight attractions the UK has hosted.

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It will be the first true test of the Watford mans career and one that the whole of boxing is getting excited for.

Before then, we take a look here at Joshua’s 18 straight KO wins of his career. Enjoy.

Video Includes:

1st Fight: 
2013-10-05 Anthony Joshua vs Emanuele Leo

2nd Fight: 
2013-10-26 Anthony Joshua vs Paul Butlin

3rd Fight: 
2013-11-14 Anthony Joshua vs Hrvoje Kisicek

4th Fight: 
2014-02-01 Anthony Joshua vs Dorian Darch

5th Fight: 
2014-03-01 Anthony Joshua vs Hector Alfredo Avila

6th Fight: 
2014-05-31 Anthony Joshua vs Matt Legg

7th Fight: 
2014-07-12 Anthony Joshua vs Matt Skelton

8th Fight: 
2014-09-13 Anthony Joshua vs Konstantin Airich

9th Fight: 
2014-10-11 Anthony Joshua vs Denis Bakhtov

10th Fight: 
2014-11-22 Anthony Joshua vs Michael Sprott

11th Fight: 
2015-04-04 Anthony Joshua vs Jason Gavern

12th Fight: 
2015-05-09 Anthony Joshua vs Raphael Zumbano Love

13th Fight: 
2015-05-30 Anthony Joshua vs Kevin Johnson

14th Fight: 
2015-09-12 Anthony Joshua vs Gary Cornish

15th Fight: 
2015-12-12 Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte

16th Fight: 
2016-04-09 Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin

17th Fight: 
2016-06-25 Anthony Joshua vs Dominic Breazeale

18th Fight:
2016-12-10 Anthony Joshua vs Eric Molina

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video courtesy of: Web Boxing

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