What’s that saying about the best laid plans of mice and men? Well that has certainly been the case with me in the past week and going into this week, everything planned has gone haywire.

I could not attend the Black Flash Promotion on Friday night at the Fusion Nightclub, partly due to a happy event taking place in the family, my wife and I are now great grandparents. WATCH VIDEOS OF SHOW

Due to prior engagements I will not be able to attend this Friday’s Black Flash Promotion due to a prior engagement. However, my life on the boxing scene has been hectic. Last Wednesday evening I was over at Birkenhead’s Venture Club. Once again the club was packed and buzzing, over 30 at the nipper class with well over 80 at the schoolboy / girl, junior boy / girl and seniors. That was not including the ladies class.

I remarked to senior coach Sean Trodden ‘the work you’re putting in here coaching etc you’re fit enough to make a comeback’. Yes this club is really something, yes success breeds success and it was nice to see Sean ‘Masher’ Dodd going through his paces.

Sean and his late father Dennis put alot of work into this club to make it what it is today and on Wednesday 22nd Feb Sean Trodden will be at a reception at Wallasey Town Hall to receive the Wirral award for his commitment and the restoration of the Venture Club.

This award could not be awarded to a finer person. How many lives have been turned around by the dedication of Sean and his co helpers can’t be counted and it’s wonderful for his contribution to be acknowledged.

What really put the icing on the cake for Sean and the club on this fantastic week was Chloe Watson winning the English Youth title at the weekend. Well done Chloe, your hard work and dedication deserved it.

The Venture’s home show is on Saturday 8th April at the John Bibby Centre, Birkenhead, this is not to be missed.

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On Sunday night my phone rang, it was my old friend from Ireland, that wonderful promoter and manager Brian Peters. Brian is now managing the brilliant Irish lady boxer Katie Taylor. He informed me that Katie is boxing on the Bellew vs Haye card, the Joshua vs Klitchko card and the big Crolla show. I am hoping to meet up with Brian and Katie at Manchester.

I first saw Katie many years ago and even then you could tell she was earmarked for stardom and greatness. I first met Katie Taylor when she came along to the Corinthian ABC in Dublin with her father and 4 times Irish champion Jim Rock and she more than held her own with the boys and sparring on occasions I would be in the ring keeping my eye on things. I have a photo somewhere of those wonderful days. I also believe one of Katie’s first bouts was at the Temple Theatre, Dublin against a girl from Dublin’s Inner City ABC. Katie won in style.

Then my friend Shea ‘The Shamrock Express’ Neary phoned me and said his son, ‘Kid Shamrock’ Jay Metcalfe is boxing on the Terry Flanagan show. I’ve known Jay since he was a toddler, in fact when I helped out with a club in Chester Shea and George Schofield used to bring him over to spar with our boys.

One Sunday Shea could not make it and when I arrived at the gym I noticed a couple of boys from another club there. I knew nothing about this George said to Jay, Tommy wants a word with you.


Me in my younger days with Shea Neary

I said ‘Jay our boys are here to spar, now I don’t know aboutthe others so I am going to tell you what I told your Dad, a spar is a spar but if you feel they are coming the ab dabs give it to them. It’s better for you to look down at them and say you’re sorry than them laughing in the car on the way home’.

Yes needless to say I was proved correct. It’s not that I don’t trust some people, it’s just that I won’t give them the chance. Jay is like his father, easy going but lethal. He does not waste words, he lets his fists do the talking.
Well I close now, it’s a pity I can’t be at Friday’s Black Flash Promotion but I’ll be over for the next one in March. Also with me that night will be a man who could go to town.

Till then, Good Luck, God Bless,

Tommy Dix.


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