Now the hospital appointments and visits to medical centres have abated, it was a joy to start to visit the gyms again. Being vice president of Birkenhead’s Venture Club is indeed a wonderful honour and privilege.

The club has much to be pleased and proud about. Sean ‘Masher’ Dodd kept his International and Commonwealth titles when he defeated Liverpool’s Tom Stalker. Chloe Watson, who struck gold for England in the Commonwealth championships in the Bahamas, is representing England again, this time in India in the World championships. Chloe is the same smiling girl as she was before all her wonderful successes. What an advert for the club, the sport, her family and locality. We wish Chloe every success.

Young Tom Musker won his bout for the National novices title with another virtuoso boxing exhibition. So the Venture has started off the season with a real statement. What’s more a young kick boxer, Jordan Butler whose grandmother asked me to help him improve his punching. Not only is he a member of the England squad, but last week represented England in an International tournament in Birmingham.

The work that Sean Trodden and the other coaches have put in, as Jordan won a gold medal and two silver medals in the International Combat Organisation championships. He brought his medals along to the club on Friday and received a rousing reception from the club members. Yes there is more to the Venture Club than meets the eye.

The Golden Gloves also had a National Novice champion in David Thompson at 75kg. Another title holder for the Gloves – what an illustrious company young Thompson has joined.

The Gloves hold their next show on 9th November 2017 at the Fusion Nightclub, Fleet Street. I’ll be there as it’s a show not to be missed.

On Tuesday I’ll be going to the Collyhurst gym, it seems a lifetime since I was there. Every time I have said I’m going something has cropped up and it’s been a non starter. I can’t wait for the Black Flash Promotion on 14th November 2017 at Bowlers.

The last Black Flash Promotion at this venue will last in people’s memories for a lifetime. I am in my 78th year now and with hand on heart I say it was the best actual promotion I have ever attended.

I know on promotions some bouts stick out and I can still remember fights from the 50’s but for sheer drama it had the lot – upsets, brilliant boxing, the sportsmanship and atmosphere – was out of this world and the last bout on the show was a ‘Graziano vs Zale’ affair. That show put alot of pay per view shows to shame. That night my friend Alan O’Niel, a real Irish boxing fan, said it was the greatest show he’d ever been to.

The show on 4th November 2017 has some outstanding prospects and talents on show.

Matthew Ryan has to get back to winning ways by relieving Darryl Sharp of his Central Area title.

He has the tools to do it but Darryl Sharp will make him fight for it. Darryl is one of our unsung heroes, he goes in at short notice and can make them all go. Yes Darryl will not let his title go easily.

Another boy out to get back to winning ways is Sean Ben Mulligan. Ben has been working hard in the gym under the eagle eye of Pat Barrett and Paul De Silva and I feel Ben can put is loss behind him and become a better boxer for it.

Those two outstanding prospects Lyndon Arthur and Marcel Braithwaite are also in action. I like the way in which these two are being brought along, ok I am old school and these boys are coming along the old school way. If I was a big time promoter I would be in touch with their management for some sort of promotional deal. These boys in my humble opinion can go as far as they want in their chosen profession.

Also on the bill are some boys I have been impressed with, namely Brandon Daord, Nick Ball and Jake Kelly. I am looking forward to seeing these boys in action. Also Denton Vassell will not disappoint his followers and it’s good to see Denton get back in circulation, he has much to offer.

Stacey Copeland gave a good account of her skills and power on the last Black Flash Promotion and it will be a joy to see Stacey on the show.

Well Zelfa Barrett caused waves at Leeds and that proved to me that his trainers and manager are doing the right thing. Zelfa has been on local small hall shows , honing his skills, learning his skills and being groomed by Pat Barrett and Paul De Silva to take one step at a time and I honestly believe that others will emulate Zelfa’s success. Already I have been asked to get autographed photos of Zelfa, Marcel and Lyndon for people in Ireland and Belgium.

The Black Flash promotion on 4th November should not be missed.

Another former member of the Collyhurst camp, Scott Quigg, is boxing in Monte Carlo on 4th November. I wish Scott all the best, we had some great times together and he visited me when I was having treatment for cancer.


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