Boxing has a long and colorful history that goes back around 5,000 years. In ancient times, fighters fought with bare knuckles until one of them either admitted defeat or could no longer continue. While the term ‘boxing’ wasn’t used until the early 1700s, the sport was introduced as an Olympic event in 688 BC and it became a lot more mainstream. In Ancient Rome, boxing was particularly brutal as combatants often fought to the death. Boxing was eventually outlawed there in AD 393 due to its excessive violence. The popularity of the sport declined further as the Roman Empire crumbled. 

It wasn’t until the 16th century that the sport made a comeback in England in the form of organised bare-knuckle prizefighting. James Figg became the first champion in 1719 and it was also at this time that the term ‘boxing’ came into existence. Shortly after that, the first set of official rules were introduced and boxing has since evolved into what it is today. While boxing has seen many changes since ancient times, one thing has been a constant: Betting on boxing matches. Boxing’s connection to gambling has sometimes led to controversy but the sport has survived and millions of fans around the world continue to place bets on matches. 

Betting on Boxing 

It wasn’t all that long ago that most punters had to deal with shady bookmakers who operated in back alleys and local bars. It was usually a hassle to track down a bookie and there were no guarantees that punters would actually get paid if they won their bets. To make things worse, the types of bets that one could make were limited and the odds weren’t always on the level. The internet age and licensed online bookmakers changed all of that. Now, placing a bet on a boxing match is as easy as opening your favorite real money betting app and tapping a couple of buttons. With so many reputable online sportsbooks in operation, bettors can shop around for the best odds and they know that winning bets will be promptly paid out. 

Boxing fans have June 1, 2019 circled on their calendars as Anthony Joshua will put his WBA Super, IBF, WBO, and IBF titles on the line in a bout with Jarrell Miller. Those who have William Hill’s mobile betting app have plenty of time to place their wagers on the champ, the challenger or on a draw. They can also get action on such things as the method of result, round betting, and how many rounds the fight will last among other things. Ladbrokes, Betfred, Redbet, and Mr Green are just a few more excellent mobile betting sites that punters all over the globe trust to offer great odds, a multitude of bet types, and fast payouts. Several sites even allow you to live stream boxing matches on your mobile device which really enhances the live betting experience. 

How To Place Bets On Boxing Using a Mobile App 

It’s easy to use a mobile betting app to place wagers on boxing matches. The first thing you need to do is find a respected and licensed sportsbook. Consider things like betting margins, the types of available bets, and payment methods as well as the kinds of bonuses and promotions they offer. Do a basic Google search to find out about the site’s reputation and refer to ChipAnalyst for detailed information and unbiased reviews. It should go without saying that the site should have a mobile platform or betting app but that shouldn’t be a problem because they are a standard feature at most online sportsbooks. 

Once you have found and, if necessary, downloaded the ideal mobile betting app, you can open an account by following the instructions provided at the site. You can then make an instant deposit using any of the available payment methods. As long as you don’t use an open or otherwise unsecured wireless network, you can be sure that your personal data and other confidential information is safe. The best online betting sites use state-of-the-art encryption and firewalls to ensure that your data isn’t compromised. Also, don’t forget to claim any bonuses that you are interested in. 

Now that you have taken those few short minutes to sign up, make an instant deposit, and claim your bonus, you can jump right into the betting action. Mobile betting apps and mobile platforms are designed for smaller screens and are very easy to navigate and quick to respond. Find the boxing menu and you will see all the boxing events open for betting including ones in progress. Tap on the match you want to bet on, find the bet you want to make, enter the bet amount and confirm the wager. Then you can sit back and enjoy the fight. 


It has never been as easy to bet on boxing than it is today thanks to innovations like mobile betting apps. Mobile betting apps allow you to place bets no matter what time it is or where you are. Betting on boxing is just a few taps away as long as a wireless signal is available. These are wonderful times for those who like to wager on boxing.

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