Tyson Fury is not a man short of charisma but his real weapon is his unbridled boxing talent and the dynamite he possesses in each hand. This is a man that embodies the word redemption, a man who has discovered the meaning of rock bottom and reared his head to see that the grass is greener.  

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Fury had battled for years to earn his shot at long-time champion Wladimir Klitschko’s titles, dispatching a plethora of opponents along the way before cementing his name into the history books.  

Fury has had an erratic and volatile career, but with his personal complications came some of the best, fluid boxing of the century. The Gypsy King might have a closet-full of demons, but it seems he has used his assorted past as fuel to overcome some of the very best to step into the ring. Let’s have a look at Tyson Fury’s five best fights of his career. 

Derek Chisora I 

Chisora was riding a wave of momentum with 4 wins in the fight column before coming up against the Mancunian. The Londoner was closer to a shot at Wladimir Klitschko than Fury, but the fight fell through in the previous 8 months. Chisora was the slight favourite over Fury, meaning it was still puzzling how Fury might fare against ‘Del Boy’.

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Chisora’s superlative start disturbed Fury’s equilibrium and the Gypsy King was staggered in the second round. Fury found himself swallowing punches and was stunned a few more times in the early rounds. However, in the end, this punishment was where Fury found his new lease of life. 

The 6-foot-9 boxer, transparently well-conditioned, boxed circles around Chisora and threw an incredible volume of punches. He had worn the Londoner down and had broken through. “This is a dream come true and it means the world to me,” Fury said.  

Derek Chisora II 

Fury had already proven that he was a far-superior boxer compared to Chisora, 2011 had showcased Fury’s unbridled talent. The rematch was upon the world and the two fighters had started to trade some nasty barbs pre-match. It was no secret that Chisora remained a threat and this made the rematch thrilling to watch. 

Del Boy had won five consecutive fights in a row before his tumble with Tyson, but once again he was no match for the Gypsy King. Fury shocked by boxing southpaw from the second round on, boxing beautifully behind his long jab and never letting Chisora get a sniff of victory. 

Fury recorded an overwhelming victory saying “I’m very proud of my performance.” The boxer’s long-awaited shot at Wladimir Klitschko was near. 

Wladimir Klitschko 

Klitschko was on a war path and found himself on one of the great boxing runs in championship history when he met Fury. The Ukrainian powerhouse made 18 successful defences in the second of his two heavyweight reigns, second only to the great Joe Louis (23).  

The heavyweight champion had not lost since falling short to a resilient Lamon Brewster, who emphatically stopped Klitschko by putting him securely on the canvas in 2004. This was a harrowing defeat for the champion and he had learnt from his mistakes. The odds on the champion succumbing defeat was huge before the fight, and those who enjoy spread betting can find some exciting prices that reflect those of Klitschko’s odds back in 2015. 

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Klitschko was a 4-1 favourite before the bout, which are wide odds in boxing. All of that is why it was difficult to imagine to Ukrainian suffering defeat at the hands of Fury. The skilful, fleet and raw natural talent overwhelmed the former champ. Fury outboxed him from the beginning, using feints and movements to baffle him and beat him every time to the punch. 

Fury was the heavyweight champion. “This is a dream come true. We worked so hard for this. I’ve done it.” Unfortunately, the joy wouldn’t last long. 

Deontay Wilder I 

Fury took a forced hiatus from the sport for the best part of 3 years after his scathing victory against Klitschko. The Mancunian-born fighter addressed a battle with his personal demons, including depression, drugs and alcohol dependencies. Fury twice pulled out of a rematch with the Ukrainian, tested positive for a banned substance, was later suspended and had to advocate his belts.  

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The jury was out on whether the boxer would lace up his gloves again. Fury wasn’t ready to throw in the towel; the boxer’s redemption story is so very sweet. The Gyspy King found a coping mechanism for his problems, got back into the gym, shed the weight he had put on and got back to what he knew, boxing.  

Tyson Fury triumphed in two tune-up fights against Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta before stepping through the ropes to face the fearsome Wilder. The Bronze Bomber, who had 39 KOs in his 40 recorded fights, was the next man in Fury’s path to redemption. 

Fury out-boxed Wilder, who showcased his one-dimensional boxing with his signature right hand. Fury would have won the fight he had not gone down in rounds 9 and 12. The two fighters were forced to share the spoils at the end of the bout, declaring the contest a draw. Fury had proved two things, he was back and he exhibited his sheer resilience. 

Deontay Wilder II 

Fury, enraged with the draw decision at the pairs’ first fight, was determined to prove something of which he was convinced. He was the better boxer. The towering fighter parted ways with trainer Ben Davison and hired SugarHill Steward, a man who Fury believed would get him flying out of the blocks fighting effectively. 

Fury gained weight (weighing 273 pounds when stepping into the fight) and was dining once more at the upper echelons of the heavyweight boxing table. The 6-foot-9 traveller suggested once more he would stop Wilder. Which Fury did. Fury charged into the belly of the beast within the first seconds of the opening round, relentlessly unloading on Wilder nullifying the Slammer from Alabama’s right hand.  

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Wilder tasted the canvass in round 3, then again hit the floor in round 5 from a huge body punch. The Bronze Bomber, badly wounded and struggling to answer a flurry of punches, retreated to the rope for his final assault but was greeted by Tyson’s assiduous attack. After a few seconds of an onslaught, Wilder’s corner threw in the towel at 1:39 in round 7. Tyson Fury had captured the heavyweight champion of the world status again and had completed possibly the most impressive redemption story in sport. 

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