Scott Lawton (boxer)
Stoke’s Home town favorite Scott Lawton was way out of his depth tonight when coming up against heavy punching Armenian Leva Kirakosyan for the European super-featherweight title.
Kirakosyan who predicted a third round knockout, was spot on, but nearly brought an holt to the fight in the opening round, with the first big punch he landed, dropping Lawton, who on unsteady legs when rising, and looked like he might not reach the second, after being caught flush on the chin again late in the round, but he did.
The second round was not much better for Scott, but he bravely hung in there taking some heavy shots, and just not being able to make a mark on Kirakosyan with his own punches, the strong French based Armenian walked straight through what Lawton had to offer.
Kirakosyan was just next level to Lawton, and in the second, near the end of the round, Lawton was hit bang on the chin, with his legs all over the place, the Danish referee looked like he was going to rescue him, but decided to give a glossy eyed Lawton a standing eight count.
Not sure if the referee was in a posititon here to give a standing count, and other people were asking me if this was allowed? in Europe the standing eight count does apply and in other governing bodies, but as i am aware we dont apply a standing eight count now? something to get to the bottom of! by peoples confusion, this is a grey area.
At the end of the count the bell sounded to save Lawton an immediate charge from Kirakosyan to end the fight, and the weary Stoke fighter walked back to his corner, looking to use the minutes rest to gather his scrambled senses, but in reality the fight should have been over.
Lawton came out for the third round, and looked like it was now a case of surviving has long as possible, but the writing was on the wall, as Kirakosyan backed him up to the ropes banging in his heavy handed punches to head and body.
With a big right hand landing on Lawton’s chin, eventually the referee stepped in to save him from another trip to the canvas, and a heavy fall, Lawton was there for the taking and although the fight went on longer than was necessary at times, it was a relief to see it eventually over and not a second to soon.
Lawton in very sombre mood coming to the ring, which almost matched his performance in it, Scott looked like an old fighter tonight and seemed to be going through the motions.
After the fight Lawton accepted his defeat, and realised that he just doesn’t have what it takes to mix it at the level, he has been boxing around the last few years and this was a step to far for him.
“Yeah i knew there were dangers, we new he was a big hitter, but he was just getting through my guard, i thought i had the abilty to beat him, obviously we knew he was a big hitter and I let one get through the net at the start, and that was the end really,” Lawton told Sky Sports.

“You can’t regret taking fights, if you never take fights you’ll never know how far you can get. I truly felt I had the ability to beat him, obviously it hasn’t turned out that way.

“I’m not going to make any rash decisions. I’ve done quite lot in the sport and I don’t really know if there’s anywhere else for me to go.”

Lawton, who had previously lost two attempts to win the British title and another to land the Commonwealth belt at lightweight, had hoped to take Kirakosyan into the later rounds, but it was never to be, and it is difficult to see where the 33 year old goes from here. by Chris Maylett

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