Barry McGuigan – former featherweight champion of the world
It’s a disgrace and it should not be allowed to happen. The British Boxing Board of Control has been around for a long time and for this to happen on their patch is an affront and should not happen. Secondly, anybody in their right mind after the way those two behaved in Germany in December would not allow this. They should have served a ban. No-one was hurt and no-one died, but is was an embarrassment to the game. And to all those guys up and down the country, who spend their lives trying to better young people’s lives – they were the ones more hurt than anyone else. They should not be allowed to box and it should not be allowed to happen.
Lee Selby – British and Commonwealth featherweight champion.
I think David Haye will win either a late TKO or on points. I think the
fight should happen. It is a good fight for them to settle
their differences and also its a fight the public want. But I don’t
think its going to go down well with the BBBofC.

Tony Borg – professional Boxing coach
Haye will win a bruising fight, but inside 10 rounds. The fight should
happen, it gives both fighters the opportunity to redeem themselves.They
can meet in a ring with referee and officials, and go about their
professions as they are supposed to. Altercations like this are not knew
to Boxing, the hype is all part of the build up, its not going to go
away..but we can all learn from this experience and gain from it. It was a scuffle that involved a bottle, tripod, camera etc… So let
them do what they are supposed to do with gloves, officials and rules in
a ring with this and many other countries watching, under the banner.. ‘This Is How It Should Be Done’  It might even be good to show to the
youths of today, that are getting caught up in mindless violence plus
gun and knife crime….. NB..I do however appreciate that the BBBofC
have to show that this behaviour will not be tollerated…. Im just glad
it wasnt my decision to make.
Wayne Elcock – former British middleweight champion
Haye to win by knockout and no I don’t think this fight should happen as my view on it, is it was made with no real credentials and no real success for either, but for Haye of course more relevant in this weight division to justify it been made other than an event that disgraced the good name of our sport with their appalling behavior, which now by all accounts looks to be not truly punished, but sadly rewarded.

Errol Christie – Former decorated amateur and professional boxer

On paper Haye should win. He has has the
height advantage plus more experience than Chisora. But it depends which
Haye comes to fight on the night. Haye talks a good fight and talk is
cheap! The BBBofC were right to apose it, they disgraced boxing that day
in Munich. Chisora had slapped a WORLD CHAMPION in his face. Chisora is
a loose cannon and Haye lost the plot completely and lashed out with a
bottle in his hand. I was in the same situation with Mark Kaylor at the
fight press conferance. He called me a ugly black basterd! I shoved him
in his chest backwards. But I didn’t lose the plot!

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