As a new recruit to the Goodwin stable, Crayford’s Menay “The Emperor” Edwards [8-2-0] is looking to progress through the cruiserweight ranks and challenge for domestic honours in due course.

He has already mixed it up with some very good company and will no doubt get the right fights from here-on which will allow him to improve, while also paving the way for a shot at the British cruiserweight title and perhaps even beyond.

Never in a dull fight, he is well worth keeping a track of and should be involved in many good contests in the future. He can be found on Twitter at @emperormenay

Menay how did you fare in the amateurs? Record? Achievements? Most memorable fight? Any significant meetings with your domestic rivals to speak of?

As an amateur I boxed as a senior, Won 26 Lost 3. I won the Novice’s title outright, while I also won the Harringay Box Cup the 1st year it started only to be robbed in the final for being too “flash”. My most memorable fight was with Alan Higgins, who I stopped in the London final!
How did you get into boxing?
I first started out doing That kickboxing in my teens, but then I found I was using my hands a lot. People were telling me that I would make a good boxer. I was also a big Naseem Hamed fan and that made me want to get into boxing anyway, even if just as a hobby.
What’s your favourite part of training?
I would say pad work because you are learning something new every time.
What’s it like to train at the TKO gym?
I’m actually not at TKO anymore, although I am still under the watchful eye of my trainer Del Grainger. I’m now at Archies gym in Bethnal Green, it’s a good gym with good people.
Why “The Emperor”? Did it just have a ring to it that you liked, or is there a bit more to it?
“The Emperor” = soon to be boxing’s next royalty. Also it has a ring to it, The Emperor is a good gimmick with the crown, etc.
You started off as a light heavyweight, but 3 years later and you’re now a cruiserweight. Why the change in weight class? Were you just naturally too big to keep making weight at light heavyweight?
It was becoming a struggle making light heavyweight with me being 6’3″. I could somewhat make the weight, but getting down to the championship weight of 12 stone 7lbs would have been tough. Cruiserweight just seems more fitting for me.
Hari Miles, Joe Smyth, Neil Dawson, and Tony Dodson. You certainly haven’t had it easy! In terms of your development as a prospect, do you feel you’ve benefited from having already met opponents of such a calibre?
Yeah, I’ve been put in the lion’s den a few times, but still haven’t been scarred. With all my performances, I’ve given it 100%. I haven’t been given the easiest route but it’s the route I’ve been given. However, cream always rises to the top! And I’m that cream of the crop. 
You were confident about meeting Tony Dodson going into Prizefighter. With hindsight, was his experience more of a telling factor than you anticipated?
Tony Dodson is a very talented boxer, but I feel if we had both met in the first round you would be asking him a similar question.
Your meeting with Neil Dawson turned into an all-out war! Did you expect it to be that kind of fight? Did you prefer it?
Boxing’s all about entertainment and I have many strings to my bow. That type of fight will come again and “The Emperor” will be walking out with his crown.
If ever the opportunity were to present itself, could you see yourself wanting to compete in Prizefigher once again, albeit as a cruiserweight? 
You never know.
What do you feel sets you aside from other prospects? What does Menay Edwards bring to the cruiserweight division?
I bring personality and originality that hasn’t been seen for a long time in the boxing game. Entertainment value, you won’t get any better.
How would you describe your style?
I think my style is very versatile, you never know what I’m going to do next.
You’re scheduled to meet ex-British cruiserweight champion Shane McPhilbin next time out. What type of fight are you expecting?
I am! It’s a good test for me, I know he will come to fight and won’t make it easy. It will be a good fight, but Emp will prevail. Get involved folks, tickets are £35 each. Hit me up on twitter – @emperormenay
It seems there are plenty of different avenues to potentially pursue. Not too long ago there was talk of you possibly challenging for the WBO intercontinental title, while you’ve also been talked about as a future challenger for the British cruiserweight title. Despite only having 10 fights, do you feel ready for championship level and you hoping to fight for a title in the not too distant future?
My plan is to be bringing entertainment to the ring with the help of my manager Steve Goodwin. I definitely will be challenging for the British title in the future. Watch this space.
Any message for your fans and for those who haven’t had a chance to see you in action yet?
For those who have supported me from the start, I would like to say thank you and keep it up. For those who haven’t already seen me in action, you’re missing out! So get your bums on them seats 9th march, York hall is the place to be.

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