1. Name? Ashley Theophane
  2. Nickname? Treasure
  3. Record? 38 wins 6 loses 1 draw
  4. Weight? 140lbs
  5. Born? London, England
  6. DOB: 30th August 1980
  7. Where are you From/live? From London. Live in Las Vegas.
  8. Favourite current boxer? Floyd Mayweather
  9. Favourite all time boxer? Roy Jones Junior
  10. Favourite all time fight? Marvin Hagler v John Mugabi
  11. Why do you box? Boxing is my job so to make as much money as possible and achieve as much as my talent will allow me to do.
  12. How did you start boxing? Watching Mike Tyson with my dad.
  13. Who influenced you at the start? Mike Tyson
  14. What amateur clubs did you box for? All Stars Boxing Club and Stowe Boys Club
  15. What do you recall of your amateur career? A load of bad decisions going against me.
  16. Why did you decide to turn pro? Turning pro was always the goal as I hated being an amateur boxer.
  17. How would you say your professional career has gone to date? It’s gone well. It could of gone better but with all the bad decisions against me in the UK, that has lead me to being in Las Vegas and signed by Floyd Mayweather.
  18. What are you capable of achieving in boxing? Anything is possible. I’ve never put a limit to what I can achieve. In sport you win and lose. It’s how you come back that matters so a loss has never defined me. So I put in my all into training camp and try my best in my fights. What will be will be.
  19. Who are the people who will help you achieve your goals? Floyd Mayweather, Rene Carayol, Dejuan Blake and Leonard Ellerbe.
  20. What’s your training schedule? Which parts do you most and least enjoy? I enjoy everything about training. I love it. Being away from my family 9 months a year is hard but nothing worthwhile comes easy. I do the usual. Road work. Boxing. Strength conditioning. There is no secret to boxing training. I watch the best in the business train and he’s just old school. Train hard and rest. There’s no magic pills.
  21. Describe your style? What are your best qualities? I’m a boxer fighter. I can box and move or stand and fight. I like my jab the best but I have a good left uppercut. The shot I dropped British champ Lenny Daws with.
  22. What is your routine on fight night? I just chill watch some Marvin Hagler, Pernell Whitaker and Floyd Mayweather.
  23. What ring walk music do you use? I’ve walked out to BIG Juicy for years. Last fight I walked out to Aloe Blac I am the man.
  24. Do you like to take part or watch other sports? I like to swim and keep fit running and weights. I no longer play other plays just incase I get injured. I watch Spurs. That’s my football team.
  25. Who is the toughest opponent you have faced amateur or pro? Amateur was a Russian in 1997. I had to give my all to win that fight. Lee Beavis was another hard fight in the amateurs. He went onto lose to Lenny Daws. Hardest pro fights were Ali Oubbali and Pablo Cesar Cano.
  26. Who is the best you have sparred with? Floyd Mayweather and Joan Guzman.
  27. What is the best venue you have boxed at, when? MGM in 2013 and 2014. I also loved fighting in Saint Lucia in 2007. Atmosphere was electric. My favourite UK venue was Wembley Arena in 2011.
  28. What three All British boxing matches would you most like to see made? I don’t watch British boxing.
  29. If you could be at just one of the above fights which one would it be? No fights in British boxing interest me.
  30. Which current British boxer do you feel can become a global star in the next few years? I’m a fan of David Haye and Carl Froch. I don’t know the current young guys doing it big in the UK.
  31. If you wasn’t a boxer what would you like to be? If I didn’t go into boxing I’d be a sports coach or PE teacher.
  32. Family life and background? Biggest inspiration in my life is my mum, I’m currently writing my novel Raised by the Hood which is about my life and my surroundings.
  33. Best friends in boxing? Ishe Smith and Badou Jack. Dmitriy Salita helped me a lot when I first came to America. Flying me out to training camp from the UK when he had good fighters in NYC. Learned a lot during camp with him.
  34. When you are not boxing what do you do to relax? I go out to eat and see my friends and family.
  35. Favourite Holiday destination? Cuba and Jamaica.
  36. Favourite TV programs? Luther and Supernaturals.
  37. Film? The Break Up and What Women Want.
  38. Music? Anything. I listen everything.
  39. Food? I love food. Italian, Thai and Caribbean are my favourites.
  40. Gadget? iPhone 6plus and Mac Book.
  41. Website/App?
  42. Book? Any Jeffrey Archer book.
  43. Football team? Tottenham Hotspurs
  44. Something no one knows about you? I’m a qualified Nutritionist and Dietitian.
  45. Motto? Anything is possible. Never give up.
  46. When is your Next fight, where and who is it against?
  47. Is there anyone who you really, really would like to fight this year? Lament Peterson or any fight who holds the world title.
  48. How can fans get in touch with you for tickets? or
  49. Current TopicKlitschko vs Fury? How do you see that fight going, who wins? I would always go with the champ. I can’t see anyone beating him but Tyson believes he can win so anything is possible. He’s undefeated so he could pull it off.









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