It was built as the biggest fight in boxing history, an encounter between the Worlds two best pound-for-pound boxers on the grandest stage of them all in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, what transpired was a tactically brilliant boxing masterclass from Floyd Mayweather who extended his record to 48-0 with a comfortable points victory. It was a fight that left many casual fans frustrated with the lack of toe-to-toe action. Mayweather utilised his accuracy and timing to great success and refused to be drawn in to a war with Manny Pacquiao – cementing his place as the best boxer in the World today.

Manny Pacquiao

The Filipino hero may have disappointed his loyal fans with his lack of energy throughout his fight with Floyd but it was later made apparent that the 36-year old was carrying quite a severe muscle tear in his right shoulder.

His team claim that it prevented their fighter from using his right hook to best effect which has led to legitimate calls for a rematch. However, the Pacman is due to undergo surgery on the shoulder in the coming days with the recovery period stretching up to 12 months.

It’s a fight that I do believe we will see again, but not until 2016.

Likelihood: 6/10

Miguel Cotto

The current WBC middleweight champion is Puerto-Rico born Miguel Cotto. The 34-year old has already shared the ring with Floyd Mayweather back in 2012 when he lost a unanimous decision, though he is remembered for being one of the few that brought the fight to the pound-for-pound king.

There was much speculation that this rematch would be made for May 2nd when negotiations between Mayweather and Pacquiao starting to stall. However, Cotto will instead defend his WBC belt against Daniel Geale On Saturday – potentially setting up the second bout with Floyd.

This is a fight that can produce a significant amount of money with Cotto boasting a strong following in South America, though a stumbling block could be the relationship between Cotto’s promotional firm RocNation – owned by Jay Z – and Mayweathers advisor Al Haymon.

It looks likely that if Mayweather swerves Khan then the Cotto rematch would be the most realistic fight.

Likelihood: 9/10

Kell Brook

Sheffields ‘Special One’ may be a hugely exciting unbeaten prospect but his appeal in America is what will damage any potential fight with Mayweather. The American fans know little about Brook which could effect the revenue that the encounter generates.

Floyd may wish to thwart Brooks unbeaten run but it is unlikely a fight with the unexposed Englishman will motivate the World’s richest athlete.

Likelihood: 7/10

Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman and Floyd Mayweather both share the same boxing advisor, Al Haymon, which would generally point to a fight being easily negotiated.

However, the 26-year old is slowly being built as the next pay-per-view sensation to take over from Floyd Mayweather – making a possible showdown unlikely. Thurman is an exciting unbeaten prospect with a heavy right-hand and an ever-growing fan-base.

I doubt the shrewd Al Haymon would want to jeopardise such a prospect by sharing the ring with Mr Mayweather.

Likelihood: 6/10

Amir Khan

Amir Khan has been chasing a fight with Floyd Mayweather for a well over a year now. In 2014, Khan was promised the showdown with the 38-year old but a deal failed to materialise. Since then the man from Bolton has defeated former World champion Devon Alexander is dominant fashion.

He is a fighter that rightfully deserves his chance at Floyd though his commitment to Ramadan could prevent such an opportunity. Mayweather is reportedly sticking with September 12th as his next fight date which leaves Khan just eight-weeks to prepare after the close of Ramadan.

If Amir is content with the tight timeframe and Floyd is willing to go-ahead with this high risk, low reward encounter then it looks the likeliest of options for Mayweather.

Likelihood: 10/10

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