Long time mates Brian Rose and Jack Arnfield are set to put friendships aside and meet each other in the ring in a battle of Blackpool derby on March 25th at the Manchester Arena.

This is a highly anticipated domestic matchup at middleweight and one that both boxers thought would never happen. Both from the seaside Lancashire town, Rose and Arnfield have known each other since the amateurs, both a product of the same gym, their professional careers have been equally as close. They turned over pro with coach Bobby Rimmer in Manchester. While training with Bobby, Brian and Jack lived together in their coaches flat.

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They have trained side by side for years, sparred endless rounds, spent countless hours in each others company, in the gym, privately, and socially.

Three years ago Anfield decided to leave Bobby’s tutor ledge and joined former British champion Mike Jennings and his brother Dave at Jennings Gym in Chorley. It appears the pair have been on a collision course ever since, they didn’t know it, and certainly didn’t expect it.

Rose says he would never have took the fight and initially refused when it was put to him. But after hearing that Anfield had said yes to the fight, it gave Rose a different outlook on it and on his friends decision.

British Boxers have been over to visit both camps recently to get their thoughts on the fight. Brian and Jack give us their thoughts as well as Bobby Rimmer and Mike and Dave Jennings about this exciting fight.

Watch Part 1 above, to be continued, other parts available soon.

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