Disabled Professional Boxing Coach Wayne Smith has teamed up with Major Lazer in a motivational short film for #EpilepsyWeek, promoting awareness.

Now Head Coach at the Golden Gloves ABC Boxing Gym, Liverpool, at 19, Wayne suffered a brain injury that would place him in a fight for the rest of his life.

After suffering a brain haemorrhage, and being diagnosed with the irreversible loss of all brain functions, Wayne was essentially dead, yet defied doctors to make a miraculous recovery.

Wayne now suffers Epilepsy and paralysis in the right hand side of his body, as result of the injury.

For the first time, in collaboration with filmmaker Jonathan Frederick Turton, Epilepsy Action and Major Lazer, the coach has spoken candidly about his rehabilitation, subsequent immersion into Liverpool’s criminal underworld and the salvation he found in boxing coaching.

Wayne Smith: “I used to be embarrassed of my disabilities. I felt ashamed and I felt different.

Now I use my disadvantages as an advantage, to show people nothing can hold you back. That’s why I wanted to make this film.”


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