‘Tyson Fury has definitely brought the heavyweight brigade alive!’

Well one thing is for sure, he might not own any belts at the moment [only the ones held when he retired as unbeaten lineal champ.] But Tyson Fury is looked on as the peoples champion. What’s more not only did Tyson make the greatest comeback in boxing history but he has totally revived the heavyweight division. The old adage says as the heavyweights go so does boxing and Mr Tyson Fury is the man whose done it.

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Tyson proved against Deontay Wilder he is the real deal. That return is eagerly anticipated, however money talks and Anthony Joshua’s brain trust are in talks with Wilders team even though the WBC have sanctioned a Wilder-Fury rematch.

Deontay is in a much more powerful position now than he was in the first talks with Eddie Hearn. Hearn and AJ need him more than he needs them, why? He holds the most prestigious belt, the green WBC. Also if he takes the return and beats Tyson Fury then his No.1 contender is Dillian Whyte who could be shunted to the side after his epic win against Dereck Chisora.

If I was in Wilder’s brain trust I’d pass it for a 60 – 40 split on top or 55 – 45 at the least and Tyson should ask the same if he’s approached.

Yes Tyson Fury has definitely brought the heavyweight brigade alive. With Eddie Hearn talking to Deontay’s people and also a certain American Mr Baby Miller taking an interest in proceeding over a certain AJ match in the states we are in very interesting times.

I only hope Dillian Whyte is not cast aside, however I believe the main fight for the fans and pundits is the return between Deontay and Tyson. You have to respect these two gentleman both want the rematch and also for the way their epic battle took place without prolonged negotiations. Both wanted it and gave fans world wide a bout to remember. Deontay kept his belt and Tyson won the hearts and admiration of all true boxing fans to become the peoples champion.

Josh Warrington and Carl Frampton put up an epic battle with Josh earning a unanimous verdict after 12 rounds of breath taking boxing. Take nothing away from Carl Frampton he gave his all and was magnificent in defeat. Josh Warrington was awesome on December 22ndand credit is also due to his team lead by his dad Sean O’Hagan for getting him in such great condition he was trained to the second never mind the minute to execute his skills. Josh Warrington is a pressure fighter alright but he also has a very good defence.

Carl Frampton has said he’ll take time to think of his future. Carl is an excellent boxer and deserves credit for what he’s achieved. I only hope the court case in March does not leave him at a loss financially, boxer’s deserves every penny they receive. Court cases can be very expensive and can make a hole in what you have put to one side for retirement and in some cases you can end up with nothing, lawyers and those in the legal profession don’t come cheap.

In the 70’s I spoke to an American boxer no name no pack drill, he said, ‘Tommy years ago it was the mob that took your money now its the lawyers.’

The Friday prior to Christmas I visited a watering hole in Chester where every Friday some boxing fans get together. Naturally the talk was of the Frampton Vs Warrington showdown. I was asked of my views and some of the lads had seen my video with Chris on British Boxers, needless to say they put a few bob on Josh Warrington.

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However talk got around about two young boxers that are causing local interest, cruiser weight Wycombe King and Adam Rasool. These two boys are at the Collyhurst and Moston ABC. I have taken a keen interest in both. Wycombe will be boxing in the senior ABA’s this year. He won the under 20’s bout development title this year, Adam was adjudged to have lost his semi final on a split verdict which a lot of people disagreed with. Both boys are in good hands and due to work commitments cant always train with the amateurs however they get to train with the pros under the knowledgeable former British and European champion Pat “BLACK FLASH” Barrett in Manchester. These boys are indeed fortunate as in the amateur training schedule they have the talented former pro Thomas McDonagh to show them the ropes and who better than them to teach them the pro game. I feel both boys have a future in the pro game and Wycombe could well turn pro after the ABA’s and in my opinion both boys could well go six rounds now. Once more the talk got around the heavyweight division, by now the tables around our spec were full and questions were being fired from all directions.

One question that brought silence was when I was asked why was I so confident over Tyson Fury’s return after such a long lay off. I said there where two occasions that stood in my memory with Tyson Fury, one was at the party for the 100th anniversary of the Collyhurst and Moston ABC. I spoke that night and so did Tyson as some of those present knew I had walked a lot of mean streets and overcome alcohol addiction. When I heard Tyson speak I identified his passion to defeat his demons and I remarked if Tyson makes a comeback he’ll be champ again. The next instance was once again at a Collyhurst prize giving event, I had heard some time previous Tyson was losing weight etc and was thinking of coming back and was looking sharp. It was Scott Quigg who brought it up he said Tommy what do you think I said money does not come into this. If Tyson makes a comeback he’ll only do it because he’s sure he can beat them all and in my opinion if he does comeback he will, Scott said, ‘Tommy I always said you were physic.’ Scott still has a letter I wrote to him before he turned pro telling him he’d be a world champ if he kept his head out of the clouds and his feet on the floor and Scott proved me right.

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I’ll tell you something about Tyson Fury as I see it. If Tyson receives the opportunity to unify all the belts and does it, don’t be surprised if Tyson just’s walks away and says I told you so. Tyson Fury is his own man and what a man, to do what he’s done, to overcome his demons. Yes he is the peoples champion.

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