This 15 round fight was an exhausting, blistering affair that pitted a rising star against perhaps one of the all-time greats.

Surviving legendary punchers such as Rocky Lockridge and Juan LaPorte, Eusebio Pedroza had an iron chin. He also posed a considerable leap in competition for Barry McGuigan with his considerable ring IQ, speed/reflexes and vast experience.

We see in the first 4 rounds of the fight Pedroza utterly outbox McGuigan, using beautiful lateral movement with flicking jabs. His ability to drop his left shoulder to confuse Barry and throw in a right cross when pivoting was sublime. His tripling of the jab worked initially to dissuade the powerful Irishman who sought to close the enormous distance. Pirouetting and swivelling around McGuigan, he was like a matador to a bull.

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Round 5 saw Barry intelligently throw crunching left hooks to Pedroza’s lofty frame from underneath, as Pedroza threw his jab. This negated the superior jab and movement from the champion but also banked body shots that slowed the older fighter. The jab starts to lose its snap and he is now holding his left glove low after throwing the jab.

The overhand punch is an excellent tool for fighters trying to reach over punches and guards whilst leveraging the whole body. Mcguigan landed a few glancing overhand shots but in round 7, he dropped Pedroza with an absolutely textbook overhand shot.

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Pedroza slowed further after this knockdown. The playing field was now equalised and Pedroza was forced to engage with Mcguigan. Mcguigan was able to capitalise with frightening pressure; out scoring and bullying the champion at points. The spirit of Pedroza shown through as his blazing hand speed continued to bamboozle the challenger at points in rounds nine and thirteen.

Down the stretch the grimace on Barry Mcguigan face displays his violent intent as he continues to club at the Panamanian in the liver. He does not let him off the hook until the final bell sounds.

This win from the Belfast native came almost entirely through grit and determination. In his ultimate career performance, he unseated the greatest Featherweight of the modern era who was defending his title for the 19th time.

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