This weekend marks a monumental clash, which holds significant ramifications for the heavyweight division, as former cruiserweight king Oleksandr Usyk and enigmatic Londoner Dereck Chisora go to war. 

As the battle draws closer, the BBTV Team predicts whether Usyk’s pursuit for heavyweight glory will continue or if it’ll be halted by the scintillating resurgence of ‘Del Boy’. 

Chris Maylett 

I think in the early rounds there will be a bit of a feeling-out process, then I think it could get a little scruffy at times and I think both could take flush shots here and there – especially some of those overhand rights from Chisora. 

But, I do think eventually Usyk will get into the fight a bit more and find his rhythm. I think in the middle rounds he will start to dictate the bout bit behind his jab, keeping Chisora off, which is obviously a big task in itself, but I think he will find a way eventually and by the mid-rounds start to take over.


I hope Chisora can do it, but I see a late Usyk stoppage – maybe by the referee with Chisora valiantly going out on his shield. 

Aky Karim 

The smart money is on a Usyk points victory – I can’t see him stopping Chisora. Dereck’s chin has been tested by big heavyweights like Vitali Klitschko and others of that ilk, I know he has been stopped a couple of times but those were from really crisp, clean punches from David Haye and Dillian Whyte. 

From what I’m hearing Chisora has put in a lot of graft in this camp, he has come in light and is going to be more mobile – if he can cut the range off and really test that chin, who knows? I certainly would not write Chisora off. The smart money is on Usyk, but I would not be surprised if Chisora catches up to him at some point and chins him. 


I’m going with Chisora to catch up with him and cause an upset in the second half of the fight. 

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Jack Moore

I’m anticipating an excellent fight, it’s a fascinating clash because you have such an intellectual computational style of Usyk, he is a bit of a slow starter like Lomachenko and takes a while to ‘download his opponent’s information’ as they say. But then he really goes into fifth gear – dominates on points and really slips and slides around. He takes that half step back just to avoid the big power punches and then nails fighters with about four or five punches in quick succession. 

Chisora has had defensive issues in the past, so if it goes into the second half of the fight he may get stung quite a lot, but what we have seen recently is whilst working David Haye, Chisora has become a lot more disciplined. Sometimes he has had his off-nights where he looks a bit unmotivated and not really up to the task, but I think he is going to be right up for it this weekend, he is going to be motivated and wanting to inflict maximum damage. We are going to see ‘War’ Chisora come out and I think it’s going to be fantastic. 


Chisora could put him away early, Usyk hasn’t been in with a fully-fledged heavyweight yet so who knows? I’m going with Chisora and I really can’t wait for the bout.

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Joe Streeter 

It’s a clash that has elevated excitement and intrigue in equal abundance. Bringing together Chisora’s spectacular run of form and unwavering determination to maintain it, with Usyk’s undeniable skill, technical ability and quest for heavyweight glory. 

Chisora’s big opportunity is early on, he has to implement his style, size and power on Usyk in the opening rounds, he can’t let the Ukrainian settle and get a hold on the fight. Usyk, however, will be content with weathering the early storm and allowing his dominance to grow. 

Usyk may be forced to endure turbulent periods and he may take big shots, nonetheless, his jab boxing IQ can prove to be pivotal weapons in taming wearing down Del Boy and securing a points win. 


After a tricky start, I fancy Usyk to take control and win a unanimous decision.

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Tommy Dix 

I think Usyk will have too much for Chisora, but Chisora, fair play he is a hard lad – he can bang, he has got the heart and has got a good engine. 

But Usyk, I think he will be good enough to get right to the top of the heavyweight division, the only ones he will struggle with are the likes of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, simply because they are too big and powerful for him. 

But when it comes to the others, Usyk could definitely beat the lot – he is a wonderful mover and he boxes with aggression. He is such a tradesman. He has got all the tools in the box and he brings them out. It’s poetry in motion. 

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