Tyson Fury confirmed on Thursday morning that negotiations for a December 3rd showdown with Anthony Joshua are still ongoing. This follows Fury’s announcement on Monday that the fight was off the table following Joshua’s ‘failure’ to return a signed contract by Fury’s imposed 5pm deadline.

In a statement posted to social media, Fury directly addressed Joshua saying his team had urged him to allow talks to continue. “My promoter Frank Warren convinced me to let Queensberry carry on negotiating with your team this week, despite me knowing that you were never going to do this fight.

The Morecambe man also confirmed that the potential event would be co-promoted by all of the broadcasters involved. “I have just been told that BT, Dazn, ESPN all the broadcasters are all happy with the terms and are ready to support this fight.  Your side has been given a contract that allows you to see every contract to negotiate contracts with any partners on the event.  We have agreed to do it as co-promotion, everything in the pot, clean, fair, and transparently.

I had a bet with Frank that it didn’t matter what we offered you, you would not take this fight.  So, it’s up to you, either I win my bet and you show the public the coward that you are or get your lawyers and your team on the phone today with my side, who are all available as they have been the whole time and get the contract signed.

Fury also posted a video to social media calling Joshua out for a fight on December 3rd in Cardiff.

You have had this contract for 2 weeks now, my team have got everything done with the broadcasters, tickets, venue everything is ready to go.

Fury concluded calling Team Joshua out for the time taken to return a signed contract. “Someone sent me a video of your man Eddie, talking about the Wilder fight with you a while back and he says in there if you want a fight made, you, your team and your lawyers move quickly to make it happen.

It was clear that, despite Fury’s exclaims at the beginning of the week, that talks were still taking place in the background due to the deafening silence from Eddie Hearn, Frank Warren and Joshua himself. Fingers-crossed the fight can now get made between two of the best heavyweights in the world in what would be one of the biggest fights in British boxing history.

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