The Boxing community from The Midlands is being brought together by 2 former Fighters to help put a stop to people carrying knives into pubs by making a dvd on Sunday 28th of this month at 12 noon and is looking for former Champions to help them pack a punch as well.
Already new pro Frankie Gavin is joining the former World champions John H Stracey & Steve Collins and hopefully Wayne Elcock will be available to help out along side Big Joe Egan & Jason Lowe.
Over the last few months the number of incidents involving the use of weapons has heightened the area to police notice and a pub landlord has got together with a Boxing writer to tell these so-called trouble makers. Don’t bring it to our door any more.
THE DUBLINER, T.K.O, (Taking Knives Out) of the community, Paddy Finn and his team are commited to stamping out knife crime in digbeth and surrounding areas. Already the face book campainge has hundreds of fans supporting the cause to show your support by becoming a fan.
Paddy Finn the owner of The Dubliner public house on the Digbeth high street in Birmingham and who is also a former top Irish boxing champion from Dublin has said people who carry weapons have no place in the community.
The number of pubs in the country are slowly getting smaller and smaller so this means that good pubs are getting more packed on the weekends with people wanting to have stress free fun time for the few hours they get off.
What is stopping this is trouble makers with bad attitudes ruining this by causing trouble and then using weapon’s to try and justify their actions. Well its no going to work.
Jason Lowe (pictured left) a former unlicensed boxer now turned fight reporter and a trainer for the ABA, has joined forces with his good friend to say enough is enough no more.
I am the Former Irish cruiserweight champion in the unlicensed fight game. That means I beat the best to become no1 and when it come to a fight I will do all I could to put you down, but this knife and weapon use is most defiantly for cowards’
I am really pleased my good friend Paddy Finn has asked me for some help,
Paddy was a super fighter and he is a loyal friend to have. Between the two of us we are really hoping to get some great boxers to chip in and do a bit for him.
I worked the doors for years in Birmingham and Coventry and these knife carrying bullies are sad little people who would cry at lassie when they are on their own.
I have offered plenty of these so-called plastic gangsters a one to one in or out the ring and they have always never turned up’ By Jason Lowe
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