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The Greatest Muhammad Ali
“David is a boxing superstar. There are a lot of champions, but to be a superstar is another thing, for that you need that other ingredient, charisma, the last champion like him, was Ali.” Richard Schaefer.

Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy promotions, couldn’t speak any higher of British world heavyweight champion David Haye recently, claiming Haye as boxing’s new superstar and the next equivalent of Muhammad Ali!

Well no pressure there then! Speaking this week, he is confident that contracts can be signed and David Haye will finally face Wladimir Klitschko.

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WBA world Champions, Haye and Khan
Schaefer, who is also looking to find Amir Khan’s next opponent, after his terrific win against Paulie Mallignaggi last week, is confident the negotiations with team Klitschko will be a success, and the fight can be confirmed later this year.

“David is a boxing superstar. There are a lot of champions, but to be a superstar is another thing. For that you need that other ingredient, charisma.

“Lennox Lewis was a great champion, but he was not as charismatic as David Haye. Evander Holyfield was a great champion, but not as charismatic as David. Mike Tyson was a great champion, but he was a crazy guy. People watched because of the freak factor. So if you sit back and think when was the last champion like him, it really was Ali.”

WBA heavyweight champion Haye, who won the title from Russian giant Nikolai Valuev and recently defended against John Ruiz in his last fight, has made no secret of his desire to face IBF and WBO king Wladimir.

“I’m going to talk to Adam Booth, and I think we can make the fight,” Schaefer told the Daily Mirror.

“David’s wife is due to give birth soon and he’s a bit preoccupied and rightly so because family comes first – but I firmly believe this fight will happen.

“David wants it and Wladimir wants it.”

Modest WBA champ Haye was embarrassed by Schaefer’s Ali comparison, but claims he can reign for years.

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m like Ali, that’s a bit strong,” said the Hayemaker.

“But I feel good enough to last at the top for a few more years.”
David Haye vs Wladimir Klitschko there is not really another fight to be made in the heavyweight division at the moment, other than Vitali, Wladimir’s brother. Ali would have had free rain over the division if he had been around today. David Haye the new Ali? not sure about that, but he is certainly the spark the dire heavyweight division needed.
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