23rd September 2012

John Thain remains unbeaten @john_thain
Heading the under card on a wild night in Glasgow was 2 time former world champion Scott Harrison (135lbs 12 oz) who punched his way to a 6 rounds points decision win over late replacement Joe Elfidh (10st 5lbs) with Referee Ritchie Davies scoring (60-53). The fight was nearly over in the 1st round as Harrison landed a huge left hook that floored Elfidh. To his credit the man from Harworth got back to his feet and near the end of the round landed a decent right hand to Harrison’s chin.
Round 2 started with Elfidh on his bicycle. Harrison was chasing Elfidh around the ring but was taking far too long to get his shots off. Elfidh was able to land a few potshots when on the move making Harrison frustrated. Harrison began to up the pace in rounds 3 and 4 with educated pressure, jabbing his way in and trapping his opponent on the ropes, Harrison banged the body hoping for a breakthrough. Elfidh who was 9 pounds heavier did look a wee bit fleshy but was taking the shots and still firing back his straight right.
The former champion was now relentless, marching forward Harrison wanted the knockout. Bodyshots rained in on the man from Harworth followed by an nice 3 punch combination. Again Elfidh stood strong and in the last round was able to catch Harrison with right hand high on his head that seemed to stagger the former champion. It wasn’t enough though as Harrison now (27-2-2 15ko’s) won his 2nd fight in 3 months and now wants to stay busy with Frank Warren stating that he would like to see Scott fight another 2-3 times this year. Elfidh was game and at late notice put up a decent attempt. His record now falls to (7-2 )

Interview with Scott Harrison
Defending his Celtic Super-Featherweight title he won in June, John Simpson (129lbs 10oz) made easy work of Welsh import Dai Davies (128lbs 12oz) knocking him out 0.36 of Round 2. Simpson started fast looking for the early win as Davies was immediately under severe pressure. Simpson’s right hand couldn’t miss followed by an impressive left hook to head and body. The Greenock man began the 2nd just as quick as another big left hook followed by a blistering flurry planted Davies on the canvas. Referee Phil Edward didn’t even complete his count as Davies had no chance of beating the 10 count. Simpson now (24-9 11Ko’s)  wants a shot at either the Britsih or European titles. On this form he will be a match for anybody. Davies falls to (9-19-2  1Ko).

Post fight interview with John Simpson

Always exciting Edinburgh Light Middleweight prospect John Thain (11st 3lbs) improved his record to (8-0 1Ko) by winning a tough 6×3 verdict over Barnsley’s Lee Noble (11st 8lbs). Thain (pic above left) started the fight with numerous piston like jabs and his usual high work rate. Noble though had success with his right in the opener as it took only 1 punch to bloody the nose of the popular Filipino / Scot.
Noble on my card won the 2nd round as he was beginning to march through Thain’s jabs and flurries. Thain was trapped on the ropes far too much in this round as Noble was able land that straight right followed by wicked body shots. The Edinburgh fighter then began to up the pace again in the next few rounds, his fists pumping out jab after jab. Thain also was fighting better off the ropes as he was beginning to move quicker away from Nobles crude attacks. Rounds 5 and 6 were definite Thain rounds as finally he had weathered Nobles storm and began to push his determined foe back landing some well placed left hooks to the body followed by that constant left jab.
Referee Phil Edward scored in favour of Thain 60-55. This was an entertaining fight between a decent prospect and a journeyman who’s record (15-22-3  3Ko’s) does not do him justice.

Post fight interview with John Thain

Sedgefield’s Bradley Saunders (144 lbs 12 oz) made quick work of his Slovakian opponent and Tong Po lookalike Ivan Godor (14l lbs 4 oz) by knocking Godor down 3 times in the 3rd round to up his record to (4-0 2Ko’s). Straight right hands were Godor’s downfall as Saunders landed some cracking lead rights throughout the fight. The 2nd Knockdown in fact was a beautiful counter punch by Saunders who simply took a half step back before landing his bomb. Godor did well to get up. It was all over 1.25 into the round as Saunders blasted a quick left right combo that floored the Slovakian for the 3rd time. Referee Ritchie Davies immediately waved the fight off. Godor complained but was well beaten. His record now falling to (9-24-4  4Ko’s).

Post fight interview with Bradley Saunders

Steven Simmons (14st 3lbs) the Edinburgh Cruiserweight got a decent workout from durable Bulgarian Tayor Mehmed also (14st 3lbs) winning every round on Referee Kenny Pringles card( 60-54). Simmons worked hard enough during the fight but at no time seemed to be able to move  Mehmed (5-20-2  1Ko) who in 27 fights had only been stopped once. With new co-trainer Paul Weir in his corner Simmons won every round easy although he looked very one paced. Maybe a step up opposition will bring out the best in the Edinburgh fighter who’s record now reads (6-0 2Ko’s).

Post fight interview with Steven Simmons

Glasgow’s Jon Slowey won for the 11th time in a row taking a 4×3 decision (40-37) on Phil Edwards card over Hungarian Tibor Meszros (125lbs 12oz). Southpaw Slowey (129lbs) must now move up his class of opposition as he is easily defeating fighters at this level. The best of the action in this fight came in the 2nd round as Slowey staggered Meszaros with a well placed left hand to the chin forcing Referee Phil Edward to take a close look. Meszaros had a go in the final round but found his Glaswegian opponent just too good in every department.

Post fight interview with Jon Slowey

In another Super Featherweight clash Barlornock’s Michael Roberts (9st 7lbs) looked nice and poised as he fought off Redcar’s Gavin Reid (9st 7lbs) over 4x3s. Roberts is another Scottish fighter who is now ready for a step up in class as he won every round on Referee Kenny Pringles card (40-36). What impressed some of the ringside press was Roberts patience and his defence, attributes that will stand him in good stead as he moves up. Fighting behind a high guard and fast jab Roberts bloodied Reid’s nose early in the 2nd but again Roberts was content to box his way to an easy victory. With the win Roberts moves to ( 10-0 1Ko). Reid falls to (6-16-1 3Ko’s).
Irvine’s Ryan Collins (131 lbs 4oz) scored his first stoppage as a professional as he easily demolished Plymouth’s Ben Morrish (132lbs 2oz) in 2 one sided rounds. Collins is an aggressive walk forward fighter who simply doesn’t give his opponents a seconds rest. Morrish was simply driven to the ropes time after time before crumpling to the canvas after taking too many right hands. Referee Ritchie Davies gave Morrish the benefit of the doubt after being knocked down in the 2nd. But he had no choice to end the fight at 0.52 of that same round with Morrish taking too much punishment on the ropes from the electric Collins. Morrish record falls to (2-4) whilst Collins improves to (3-0 1Ko).

Post fight interview with Ryan Collins

Controversial fight of the night belonged to Old Colwyn’s Lee Quinn (10st 7lbs) who upset Symingtons Sammy Hill (10st 7lbs) over 4×3 at Light welter. Referee Kenny Pringle scored the fight (39-38) to Quinn with Hill’s big following jeering with disgust as the verdict was read out. Hill was the the man pushing Quinn back in this fight although he wasn’t letting his hands go. This gave Quinn a chance to score with some sneaky right and left hooks inside. My card read (39-37) Hill although there wasn’t much of a complaint at the end by the fighter who on this occasion didn’t fight at his best. Quinn now improves to (2-1-1 1Ko). Hill loses for the first time in 5 (4-1).
In the show opener Glasgow’s Hugh Gray (10st 5lb) won for the 2nd time as a professional as he ground out a (40-36) points win over a game Rhys Saunders (10st 1lbs). This was not an easy fight for prospect Gray as Cardiff’s Saunders certainly came to fight. Gray’s work rate was the deciding factor as whatever Saunders did, Gray did better. The Jab, straight right,left hook to the body was Gray’s favourite combo. Referee Kenny Pringle as mentioned scored the fight (40-36). Gray in 2 fights has not lost a round on the officials cards. Saunders is now (0-2-1)

Post fight interview with Hugh Gray

Report by Bobby Hunter The Fight Score collector
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