Lynes V Sutidze

Colin Lynes v Beka Sutidze

On Saturday evening, at the York Hall in London, TRAD TKO supremo Johnny Eames made his long awaited debut as a promoter, and boy did he do it in style.

The esteemed Mr. Eames pulled out all the stops to ensure the fans in attendance a night of boxing they are likely never to forget.

The mouth watering line up was headed up by former two weight British and World Champion Colin Lynes, against Beka Sutidze, with current English Middleweight Champion and former World Champ Qato Kreshnik, in a titanic battle with former British title challenger Max Maxwell, as main support.

The undercard was featured some of the UK’s top prospects, including Lewis Pettitt, Adam Dingsdale, Matt McCarthy and Festim Lama, as well as the pro debut of two time Lithuanian Amateur Heavyweight Champion Paulius Kasiulevicius.

There would have also been further top prospects in action, but the sensational Freddie Turner had to pull out due to a chest infection and exciting heavyweight Tom Little didn’t get medical clearance in time to fight.

Anyway enough scene setting, believe me this show was that good it doesn’t need any.

It’s been a year since Colin Lynes was last in action, so his legion of action starved fans raucously greeted him before breaking into a chorus of ‘Lyno, Lyno, Lyno’.

Which was in complete contrast to the reception Beka Sutidze received on his ring walk, which consisted of some polite clapping but not much else.

Round one started slow, with both protagonists taking a little time to feel out their opponent. The first real action came about midway through, when Lynes followed a stiff jab with a cracking right to the body.

Sutidze responds with a big right that Lynes ducks under before punishing the Georgian with another body shot.

Sutidze decides to go on the back foot, big mistake as this allows Lynes to control the proceedings with some excellent jabbing and the occasional combination, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all one way traffic, just Sutidze was being outclassed by Lynes.

Round two is more of the same, although Sutidze does manage to stand his ground more, even catching the elusive Lynes once or twice. By midway through though Lynes began to exert his authority, seemingly landed crisp jabs and bruising body shots at will.

In the later part of the round Sutidze became more forceful in his attacks, even going toe-to-toe with Lynes for about five seconds or so, when Lynes lands a wickedly fast body shot that clearly hurts the Georgian.

Round three sees Sutidze taking more punishment, as Lynes gives an exhibition of his exquisite boxing skills, picking off the youngster at will.

Round four sees a change of tactics from Sutidze, which results in two public warnings for the youngster, the first for a head-butt and the second following his constant holding and pushing.

Lynes’ reaction is to calmly pick him off with solid jabs and the occasional right, however that’s as far as it would get before Sutidze would grab hold, before leaning in and pushing Lynes back to the ropes.

At the end of the round referee Ritchie Davies made it clear that any more of the same and he will disqualify the Georgian.

Lynes puts in another round of exquisite boxing, even when Sutidze starts grabbing hold again, Lynes just steps around him and picks him off once more. This goes on for about three quarters of the round, when Sutidze’s frustration gets the better of him and he starts the holding and pushing tactics once more.

Ritchie Davies is less than amused, finally pulling the youngster up for yet another public warning after what can only be described as a desperate attempt to push Lynes though the corner post!

I know that sounds a strange description but Sutidze grabs Lynes, after the Hornchurch man lands a beautiful combination, and literally rushes into him, pushing Lynes back – quarterback style – at speed into the corner.

It came as no surprise when Ritchie Davies’ patience finally came to an end in the sixth, instead of heeding the warnings issued earlier in the bout Sutidze constantly grabbed and held Lynes throughout the early part of the round, even so Lynes had still managed to land a few cracking shots to get the crowd up and cheering.

It’s a real shame the fight had to end this way, it started out as such a promising fight, albeit one that Lynes was dominating with his superior technical skills.

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